Welcome to the ORCA Swim Team!

The ORCA competitive swim team offers a year-round professional, and comprehensive swimming environment to help swimmers learn proper technique, experience competition, and be part of a fun team environment. The ORCA team is comprised of swimmers from Orange, Villa Park and the surrounding North Orange County communities.

Competitive and Pre- team tryouts are held weekly.  Please email [email protected] to arrange a tryout with a coach at one of our pools.

If you are interested in our summer City of Orange non-competitive recreational swim team, please go to Swim Lessons & Rec Teams Registration page.

How to Join the Competitive Swim Club 

Based on try-outs, swimmers will be assigned to a practice group to try that day or will be recommended for additional swimming lessons. For more information regarding initial placement and advancement throughout the team, please refer to our Group Outlines.

On the day of the swim tryout a coach will be available to discuss our team and answer any questions. If your child passes the tryout and you are interested in joining, we will have you register on our website which will need to be completed by your next practice. You will need to complete your full registration with our team electronically and register your swimmer with USA Swimming

If you are a new swimmer and have never registered with USA Swimming or if you are transfering to ORCA, CLICK HERE to create an account or update your account.  


Scheduling a tryout with ORCA has a few important steps below. Contact Coach Jerry at [email protected] with any additional questions.

  • Every new swimmer to our team needs a formal evaluation of your athlete to help determine the appropriate placement. Evaluations are availiby daily and approximately 15-20 minutes.
  • Swimmers should be able to swim 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke and have a working knowledge of breaststroke and butterfly
  • Wear a swimsuit, bring a towel, goggles and swim cap (optional)
  • After evaluation, swimmers are placed into the group most appropriate for their current level of skill.
  • Parents will need to register their new ORCA swimmer on the Registration page and with USA Swimming.
Equipment Needed

Having the appropriate training gear is very important in the development of the athletes at ORCA.

Making sure your athlete's gear is in working order, replacing it quickly if it is not to ensure consistent progress and ability to accomplish all tasks at practice.  Our goal is to maximize the flow and ease of the training being offered.

Please see our Team Gear page to find out what gear is needed.

Program Fees

All monthly or seasonal swim payments are charged automatically to your credit card on the first day of the month or season. The Southern California Swimming (SCS)/USA Swimming registration fee must be paid also for insurance and competition purposes.

Please Note: SCS registration fees are non-refundable. ORCA swim fees are non-refundable after three days of practice.

Below are the monthly training fees for our competitive swim club  (updated 9/5/23)

  • Bronze Group $145-$155
  • Silver Group $170
  • Gold Group $185
  • Senior 1 $210
  • Senior 2 $225

Monthly Meet surcharges for all swimmer $5 (except Bronze)

Annual registration fee $25 (includes ORCA swim cap and t-shirt)

Annual USA Swimming registration (fee is variable and we will invoice the fee when we submit registration)

Rejoin fee $25

Administrative late fee (any accounts with changes, holds or cancellations after the 25th of the prior month will be charged) $25

We also host fundraising events to help keep our monthly cost from increasing.  This helps pay for our pool time or any equipment we need to purchase / replace for the pool.  

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Please notify us by email [email protected] of your request before the 25th of the current month if you are not continuing for the next month (example: if the current month is October, email us by October 25 to cancel November).  This will ensure that we get your notice in time to stop the auto pay.  


In order to keep our monthly dues at a minimum, we require 4 hours of volunteering per calendar trimester (Sept 1-Dec 31, Jan 1-April 30, May 1-July 31) or 12 hours a year.    There is a $40 charge per hour ($160 total) if the hours are not complete by the end of the trimester.  Volunteer information will be given prior to our hosted swim meet or events.  

We also have Timing Chair assignment at non-hosted meets.  Please review Swim Meets 101 for more information. 

Any questions regarding our fees, please email  [email protected] 

*If you are interested in becoming a vendor at our swim meet, donations or sponsorship for our club please contact our Marketing Coordinator . 


We use the  REMIND app to text any updates, reminders, schedule changes or additional information.  You will also receive a weekly email update from Coach Jerry with the email that was registered.  You can also contact coaches through this app.  Please download the app and you will enter the code from our weekly email update OR you can contact our Marketing Coordinator for the code.