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About the Team

Thank you for your interest in our USA competitive swim team, Piranhas Aquatic Club (PAC.) Our tag line is Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It, and our operational motto is The Swimmer Comes First. This is intended to mean that the physical and emotional development and well-being of the swimmer is our FIRST PRIORITY over meet results, time standards, or club operational/financial objectives. Our promise to you is that we will deliver programs that challenge your swimmer, develop their form and technique, while at the same time nurturing their character development and having FUN. In a world where competitiveness can overshadow teamwork and humbleness, we want our members to understand the importance of hard work, dedication, and commitment to the individual and the team. Ultimately, we want our swimmers to develop a life-long love and appreciation for the sport.

Another unique aspect to our program is that we want to develop well-rounded swimmers. What this means is that we believe in cross-training and multi-sport individuals. For those who wish to participate in fall/spring sports while still swimming, we will work with your swimmer to identify the best training program considering other sports team participation. It is not an” all swimming or nothing program” here at PAC. That said, we will establish participation goals to make sure your swimmer is making progress towards their goals.