Coaches Corner Message - 10/3/18

Welcome to the first edition of our Coaches Corner Update.  We are going to be posting regular news updates from our coaches about upcoming events, training program objectives for the upcoming weeks, things to be mindful of during your training.  This is new to us, so if there is specific information you would like to know or hear about in these news updates, please let us know.  Please remember to share these messages with your swimmer if they don't have an email.

  • No practice on Monday, October 8 due to Columbus Day (THIS COMING MONDAY).  CSD  closes the pool. There will be no PM practice on Halloween, October 31st. (Come to morning practice so you can go trick-or-treating that evening.
  • Fall Swim Clinics through CSD begin on Tuesday, October 9th.  If you have any friends interested in seeing what swim team is all about, this is a great introduction. Tell them to register through CSD.


  • Thank you for all of you that met with me to discuss your swimming goals.  For all of you that did not schedule a meeting, please turn in your goal forms so we can help you work towards your goals.  White group Goal Meeting is Wednesday, October 10th from 5:30-6:15 pm on the pool deck.


  • Our first ever Swim-a-thon is on Tuesday, October 30th!  Getting the word out is easy.  Just go to your personal swim-a-thon page and click the set up tab. Thank you to those of you already collecting donations!  We will be giving out some great prizes for our top collectors/swimmers.  We will have food and goodies after our swimmers swim too! 


  • Practice Objectives: Each week we will be focusing on different things.  We have been spending a lot of time on technique and we are gradually increasing our yardage within the sets to build up our swimmers conditioning.  This week we worked on seeing how much the swimmers have retained on a timed set.  Tuesday thru Thursday we introduced the swimmers to high school and college swim events and timed them.  We will log their time and will repeat the set in about 4-6 weeks to see their progress.  (We will also show them their progress.)  We are trying to get our swimmers to be more accountable as they swim each lap.  We want them to take ownership of their skills and techniques.  This next week we will be focusing on turns and stroke technique. As well as some conditioning sets. 
  • Don't forget to register your swimmers for meets online.  We have a list of meets we will be attending online as well as at the pool deck. Please let Coach Brenda know if your swimmers will be attending the meet as well as what they will be swimming.