Thank you for your interest in our USA Swimming Club, Piranhas Aquatic Club (PAC). Our club formatted like other USA swim clubs in our region, but we are UNIQUE in our own way! We are a competitive swim club and will train swimmers to meet the highest levels. In addition to our team motto of Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It, our most important core vale is The Swimmer Comes First.  This is intended to mean that the physical and emotional development and well-being of the swimmer is our FIRST PRIORITY over meet results, time standards, or club operational/financial objectives.  Our promise to you is that we will deliver programs that challenge your swimmer, develop their form and technique, while at the same time nurturing their character development and having FUN. In a world where competitiveness can overshadow teamwork and humbleness, we want our members to understand the importance of hard work, dedication, and commitment to the individual and the team. Ultimately, we want our swimmers to develop a life-long love and appreciation for the sport.

Registration for PAC, our USA swim club, is opening July 1, 2019!

The PAC program offers swimmers a great opportunity to elevate the quality of their swim training in a year-round setting. PAC provides the next stepping stone to advance to higher levels of competition.

DID YOU KNOW- most of the summer or recreational league swimmers that join a year-round team do it to improve performance for the next summer season? However, once in the program, many realize that the USA platform opens a new realm of competitive possibilities (e.g., middle- and long-distance events, college recruiting, etc.).

More USA Certified Coaches – NEW Strength Training and Nutritional Support!

Our coaches have continued to complete additional USA certifications and training and expand their swimming, exercise physiology, and nutritional education base. In the next few months we will have over 8 USA-certified coaches, with new coaches onboarding soon! Our coaches are excited to roll out their upcoming training programs designed for a longer swim season and that will develop technique, discipline, and stamina in the water. You swimmer’s success is their success!

  • NEW! Lead Coaches/Assistants dedicated to each swim group!
  • NEW! Certified instructional strength and flexibility trainer and programming
  • NEW! nutritional support and guidance discussions and information
  • Endurance training
  • More planned meets and competition
  • Guidance for college recruiting!

Program Options

Option 1: Fall/Seasonal USA Team – join and participate between August 26-Jan 31, short-course season:

  • Best for those who want to return to Elk Grove Piranhas recreational team in the summer.
  • Swimmers must cancel registration by Jan 1

Option 2: Year-Round USA Team – participate year-round in short-course, and long-course seasons.

  • Swims short-course events Sept-April; long-course events April-August.
  • Ability to train for mid- and long-distance events (200 IM, 500 Free, 1,650 Free, etc.)

Common Myths

Myth 1: I can’t do other sports.  Not true, we support multi-sport athletes have designed our practices and programs to provide flexibility in participation with multiple practice options for most groups.

Myth 2: USA swimming is too serious/I will burn out. Our program is designed to bring fun into the practice. We want our swimmers to enjoy swimming for a lifetime. The Swimmer Comes First! Swimmers who burn out are often not enjoying the coaching and training and get discouraged in the process. 

Myth 3: I am not good enough to be on a USA Team. USA swimmers consist of all levels of performance. The primary purpose of the program is to continually develop the physical and emotional competitive skills of each swimmer. Remember, it is often the late bloomers, who become the most competitive athletes in their teens/college years. USA swimming provides fundamental skills development and training to advance swimmers through their careers.


You suggested and we listened.....Here is what is NEW for 2019/2020

  • NO increase in fees! Pro-rated – if start practice after the 15th of the month.
  • 2 Practices per day! - More opportunities to train than any club in the local area!
  • Practices start August 26, 2019
  • DISCOUNTED registration fee if you register by August 9, 2019! Registration fee is $100 and includes swim cap and t-shirt (NEW!); returns to $150 after August 9, 2019. Master’s registration fee REDUCED to $50 annually ($25 if register after Jan 31). Registration Fee is Non-Refundable.
  • Volunteer requirementREDUCED 12 hours seasonal (any participation between Sept-Jan); 24 hours year-round; 1 volunteer shift at any meets attended and counts toward family hours.
  • Growth/Fundraising Fee - REDUCED
    • Multiple opportunities to fundraise (swim-a-thon, tri-tip dinners, sponsors, etc.)
    • Will be assessed Jan 31 and August 31 only if not completed by then.
    • 1 Swimmer $120 seasonal (any a participation between Sept-Jan); $240 year round
    • Family - $180 max seasonal (any participation between Sept-Jan); $360 max year-round per family

Swim Groups

  • Gold -$190/month -Generally middle/high school swimmers; high commitment; mastery of strokes; technical proficiency; understand racing strategy; attends 6-10 practices/week
  • Blue - $175/month - Generally 10-16 yrs old; solid technical foundation; beginning to understand racing strategy; focuses on details; attends 6-8 practices per week
  • White - $150/month -Generally 12 and under; emerging swimmers; focus on developing proper technique; building stamina; attends 4-5 practices/week
  • College/Masters - $80/month - College/Adult swimmers; access to 5 morning and 5 evening coached practices per week










Monthly Group Rates

(available practices/ hours per week)

Piranhas Aquatic ClubBEST VALUE!!!

$100/$150 annual (t-shirt and caps)

$120 seasonal/$240 year-round (1 swimmer)

$180 (s)/$360 (yr) (family)

Gold - $190 (10 p./15-20 hrs)

Blue- $175 (10 p./12-15 hrs)

White - $150 (7 p./7 hrs)

Area Club 1*

$100 New/$200 returning

$300 (1 swimmer)/ $400 (family)

Gold - $195-210 (7-8 p./16 hrs)

Blue- $165-190 (6-8 p./9 hrs)

White - $145 (4-5 p./6 hrs)

Area Club 2*

$100 annual

$200 (swimmer)

$400 (family) fundraising fee

Gold - $205 (6-8 p./16 hrs)

Blue- $180 (6 p./8-10 hrs)

White - $165 (5 p./5 hrs)

Area Club 3*

$150 New/ $60 annual

$150/swimmer fundraising fee (no max)

Gold - $160 (6 p./12 hrs)

Blue- $160(6 p./9 hrs)

White - $145 (5 p./5 hrs)

Area Club 4*

$200 annual


$150/swimmer fundraising fee (no max)

Gold - $240 (9 p./16 hrs)

Blue- $200 (6 p./9 hrs)

White - $160 (5 p./6 hrs)

*Area club located in the local and/or Greater Sacramento Region within 30-minute drive. Data current as of June 2019 via website search. Gold/Blue/White groups are general categories that match PAC’s Gold/Blue/White swim levels.


As always, if you have any questions you can email any of our Board Members or our team Registrar at

Registration Groups and Practice Times

If you are looking to sign up for our PAC USA Swim Club please reach out to our registrar at