Thank you for your interest in our USA Swimming Club, Piranhas Aquatic Club (PAC). Our club formatted like other USA swim clubs in our region, but we are UNIQUE in our own way! We are a competitive swim club and will train swimmers to meet the highest levels. In addition to our team motto of Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It, our most important core vale is The Swimmer Comes First.  This is intended to mean that the physical and emotional development and well-being of the swimmer is our FIRST PRIORITY over meet results, time standards, or club operational/financial objectives.  Our promise to you is that we will deliver programs that challenge your swimmer, develop their form and technique, while at the same time nurturing their character development and having FUN. In a world where competitiveness can overshadow teamwork and humbleness, we want our members to understand the importance of hard work, dedication, and commitment to the individual and the team. Ultimately, we want our swimmers to develop a life-long love and appreciation for the sport.

2021 Registration!

We are excited that we were able to support a 2021 Elk Grove Piranhas Swim Team season! It may have been different and we all had to navigate COVID, but we had a successful competitive season. With the close of the 2021 Elk Grove Piranhas season, we are preparing to switch to our fall and winter Piranhas Aquatic Club (PAC) program.  

Last year’s PAC program showed us that we are resilient.  There were also some positive programming elements that we implemented and we are going to carry forward to the 2021-2022 season. Specifically, we are keeping PAC’s 2021 Registration SIMPLE!! 



  • Seasonal USA Swimming and USMS Master’s Program (September 2020 through January 2022)*
  • Month-to-Month registration (no refunds once registered as we are holding your spot; no pro-rated registrations)
  • NO VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENT (unless you attend a swim meet [if held]; parent must be available to time at the meet)
  • Because we are managing our costs, no caps or t-shirts will be provided; however, an online team store with all our gear will be available in mid-September.
  • For our USA Swimmers, Parents and Swimmers Must Complete Safe Sport Training; click (see login directions below).
  • USA Swimming and Masters Practices start August 30, 2021

*Currently, we intend to implement a seasonal USA swimming program from September through January and we have planned the Master’s program through the end of January.  Master's program may take February off and resume in March.

Swim Groups - See Group Flyer and website for Practice times.

  • Blue - $175/month - plus one-time registration with USA Swimming ($20 – )
  • White - $150/month - plus one-time registration with USA Swimming ($20 - )
  • College/Masters - $70/month can attend morning coached workouts or evening workouts.

Your swimmer’s practice group will be determined by our Head Coach, Brenda Smart. If you are a current Piranha family, please consult with Brenda on the assigned group for your swimmer.  If you are new to the Piranhas, we would love to meet and learn more about you, your accomplishments, and your goals for the program. Please email Coach Brenda at [email protected]

The practice groups are organized by age and ability as follows. Exceptions can be made at the Head Coach’s discretion. All groups will include organized training, workout preparation, dry land traning, and stroke instruction.

  • Gold - Generally, 13-18 years old; high commitment; mastery of strokes; technical proficiency; understand racing strategy
  • Blue - Generally, 8*-12 years old; solid technical foundation; beginning to understand racing strategy; focuses on details. *8 year olds must have knowledge of 4 strokes, know how to flip turn, and be comfortable swimming 50 and 100 yard practice swims
  • White - Generally, 5-8 years old; emerging swimmers; focus on developing proper technique; building stamina
  • College/Masters - College/Adult swimmers

Registration Details

Registration will open on August 2, 2021 ON THE PAC website (not the EGP website). Click the registration button on the PAC home page. Registration opens by the 15th of each month for the following month.  Click the registration button on our home page (or click here).

The registration process will require you to enter “Account Holder” and “Member” information.  This is a separate website from the Elk Grove Piranhas Swim Team, so you will need to set up a new account through this website. For those who are previous PAC members, we have temporarily activated your account, so your registration process is easier.  If you do not register for September, your account will be deactivated.

  • Account Holder = usually parent or guardian of minor swimmer or the registering master swimmer. The account holder and any other designated emails will receive all team communications.
  • Member = swimmer (age group or Master) who will participate in our program. Emails can be added for members to receive team communication. Click “Add Member” for each additional member under the account holder.

You will be prompted to select the swim group for each member.  For new swimmers (i.e., not part of our current Piranha family) please use the group definitions as a guide and select the group that best fits your swimmer.

All fees and dues will be collected through our online system and no checks or cash will be allowed.

At the time of registration, you will be asked to review and check that you will comply with the following.  All of these documents are available on our website:

  • Medical Release Waiver
  • Liability Waivers
  • COVID-19 Waivers
  • Photo Liability Release
  • Parent and Swimmer Code of Conduct


As always, if you have any questions you can email any of our Board Members or our team Registrar at [email protected]

Registration Groups and Practice Times

If you are looking to sign up for our PAC USA Swim Club please reach out to our registrar at [email protected]