Kim grew up in Littlerock,CA . When I started high school I decided to achieve a goal of a Division 1 scholarship. The only way it was obtainable was to travel daily to Canyons Aquatic Club in Santa Clarita where I was coached under Jeff Conwell and Coley Stickles. I would travel 120 miles a day to reach my dreams.

Four years later I received a Division 1 scholarship to the University of Northern Colorado where I continued to work hard and hone my skillsets. During my senior year I was nominated by the team as the Team Captain. This designation came with alot of responsibility to uphold the teams culture and tradtion of winning! Being a major in Psychology trully supported me with the mental aspects of competition and the innerworkings of team with the various personalities. 

I loved the sport of swimming and finally decided to return years after I graduated. I love to be in water, around water and be active so it made sense to be back to something that gave me all I enjoy! My main goal for myself is to instill in others that being active and competitive is a great way to live life! Swimming has changed me and has molded me to be a great athlete, and coworker. I hope to impart this mindset to the children of this generation