Success IN and OUT of the Water

Chris Dahowski

It with great pleasure to announce to the team 3 athletes that have been selected to USA SWIMMING SCHOLASTIC ALL-AMERICAN TEAM. To be selected to this team it means the athletes have reached a very high level of swimming standards while maintaining a GPA OF 3.5 or higher. The selection process is all handled by USA Swimming once the application is turned in.

Being involved in sports creates a do or die mentality when it comes to time management. Managing time for academics, social life and family life to not interfere with practice or competition is a huge effort. Mastering time management in the end helps them succeed in numerous situations through life. The coach athlete relationship is so much more then just swimming. 

Paseo Aquatics is proud to share the decks with these athletes:


Jacob Aina- USA Swimming Scholastic All-American

Thomas Hadji- USA Swimming Scholastic All-American

Luke Bezanilla- USA Swimming Scholastic All-American