Paseo Aquatics August News and Notes

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August 2021



From July 23rd – August 8th, all eyes will be on Tokyo, Japan as the 2021 Olympic Games commence following a one-year suspension due to Covid-19. 

Well… perhaps not all eyes.

From August 4th – August 7th, the eyes of Paseo Aquatics family members and staff will be on Lewisville, TX as Paseo Aquatics sends three swimmers—PAYTON BARTLETT, BRET BEZANILLA and JACK ELLIOT—to the 2021 WESTERN ZONE AGE GROUP CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Payton, Bret and Jack were selected by Southern California Swimming to represent the country’s largest LSC based on their achieved AAA time standards and versatility in several meet events. This is a tremendous accomplishment not just for the athletes but the coaching staff, the dedicated parents and the brand that is Paseo Aquatics.

Paseo Aquatics was born eight years ago-- as a team of three swimmers and a coach with a dream the size of North America. Building recognition and respect took years of tireless effort, pain, frustration and disappointment. But gradually the commitment and trust in the process began to yield results. Soon the growing success brought swimmers with talent and passion for the sport-- and coaches with pedigree and purpose. 

Paseo Aquatics would go on to produce Sectionals, Junior Nationals, Nationals and World Trials qualifiers—victories only achieved by the steadfast belief in how we trained, what we represented and why we built this team. A belief fostered at the earliest levels of Discovery—and carried through every Juniors, Advanced, Champs, Bronze, Silver and Senior group. 

Please join us in congratulating Payton Bartlett, Bret Bezanilla and Jack Elliot in their amazing accomplishment—and the coaches who guided them. Paseo Aquatics eyes every achievement as a significant milestone in reaching its goal to become the premier USA Swim Club in Santa Clarita, Southern California and the United States. Thanks to Payton, Bret and Jack, another important step has been taken.     


Jay Wolf


Paseo Aquatics    

USA Swimming Safe Sport and MAAPP

We’ve sent several emails to express the importance of Paseo Aquatics, a USA Swimming club to follow the mandated requirements of the Safe Sport Program in the last few weeks.  As a reminder, ALL athletes aged 12 and Up are REQUIRED to complete the “Safe Sport for Athletes” tutorial and being a Safe Sport recognized club, we need parents to educate themselves as well of the Safe Sport guidelines by taking the “Parent’s Guide to Misconduct in Sport (FKA Safe Sport for Swim Parents).  These can both be accessed via

Once there, click REGISTER or LOGIN in the upper right of the home page, add your name and birthdate, LSC: Southern California Swimming, Club: Paseo Aquatics (you can scroll to find this).  

The athlete’s course is about 45 minutes long and the parent’s course is about 35 minutes long.

Please assist us in continuing to provide a safe swimming environment for our athletes as well as those that we compete against.  We can all agree that our swimmer’s safety is our #1 priority.

In addition, the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy is ALSO a required acknowledgement for ALL athletes.  This is REQUIRED for ALL athletes and must be on file prior to our return to water  August 16th, OR the athlete will NOT BE ABLE TO PRACTICE.  When our updated website is released, you’ll be able to sign this via the Google Doc system and a few reminders will again be sent to do so.


Monthly Milestones


Keep It Moving

As we have gone back to our old ways of practice and have begun to bring on new kids to swim for us, it has surprised me, the new talented individuals we have brought to our Paseo family. Discovery has grown and it surprises me that so many of these kids will join and within one month achieve their goals where they no longer are that level. My method is if they must, it’s time to keep it moving, and one of our newest additions Dobryna Vorobets joined Discovery at the beginning of July and within a month, he has shown that he is wanting to keep going up and up. With little knowledge of technique work, he has shown beautiful freestyle technique improvement and backstroke. Every day he comes to practice, goes above and beyond, ready to swim a 50 Free, no problem. I see him doing very well as he moves up to the next level of competition in Junior 1. 

Junior 1 

Our Junior 1 veteran, Justin Gomez joins Junior 2 after coming into the sport having older brother Collin in Advanced. Everyday, this young man would come on deck telling me that he only planned to do swimming until football opened up. Well, months later and one day, something just clicked! Justin went from not caring that much about the sport, to asking “how can I move up?”, to remembering every single personal best time he has ever gotten on every single fast Friday race. Finally, myself and coach Bre decided he was ready to go to Junior 2, and seeing his happiness and excitement brings joy to myself and Coach Bre. He is very much catching up to his older brother which at first was just motivation to move faster but now seems like a personal goal for this little one. All in all, I have to say we have many future stars on the horizon.

Junior 2

In just a short month, this group has made leaps and bounds in their swimming capabilities. With many swimmers going on vacations, we were still seeing time drops on our weekly Fast Friday freestyle times. I want to take the time to spotlight one of our youngest swimmers, Lana Sutinatikul who has been struggling to achieve a time under 40 in her 50 Freestyle and this month was able to achieve a 37! She is one of the many examples in our group that hard work pays off but not always immediately. We can’t wait to see what the future holds during our fall season for our amazing swimmers.


REMINDER! Effective JANUARY 2020, the HAMMERHEAD SWIM CAPS will be mandatory for ALL DISCOVERY, JUNIOR l and JUNIOR ll swimmers during practice.

70% of head injuries with respect to swimming occur during crowded warm-up lanes and swim practices. Though we cannot remove the potential for accidents—we can minimize the risk of significant head injuries. Hammerhead swim caps provide a shock-absorbing layer of padding for additional protection. 

The mandatory requirement of outfitting our youngest swimmers with the Hammerhead cap will ensure this measure is taken.

If you are in need of the Hammerhead Swim Cap(s), please email [email protected].   Families will be billed accordingly on their Paseo Aquatics team account.


As the summer winds down, these kids keep speeding up! This month we introduced the Advanced group at Paseo Club and this group of kids have shown a true passion and commitment to swim. They’ve proven that it doesn’t matter where you start, but where you finish. Not everyone has the opportunity to start swimming at 6 years old, but that shouldn’t stop us from trying it at 12 or 13. These past two Friday time trials have had multiple swimmers achieving 30 or 31 seconds in their 50 Freestyle which is amazing! What an awesome way to show that hard work at any age will pay off! 

Champs 1:

What an exciting month we had in our group!  First, to find out that Payton Bartlett and Jack Elliot made the Western Zone meet in Texas!   With only 12 kids from CA going, it is an honor for Paseo to have three swimmers selected to the team, Payton, Jack, and Bret Bezanilla, We wish them all good luck!

We started the month by surviving some of the hottest weather this summer with temps up to 110 degrees at SCAC.  Poor air quality and our 1st Long Course meet of the Summer in Santa Barbara, July 10th & 11th.  We had some great swims from Payton who improved 3 out of 4 swims, including a 26.36 sec. drop, in the 200m Free in a time of 2.45.60 with splits of 1.23.32 & 1.22.28 a neg. split.  WOW.  It was also a heck of a race for the finish.

Jacob Cook had a 13.41 sec. drop in his 100m Free, for a time of 1.12.57!

Nicolas Delgado, finally being able to participate in a meet and brushing off the cob webs.

Emily Downs taking time off of 3 out of 5 events. Most noted, the 50m Fly drop of 5.45 sec. and the 50m Back with a drop of 6.23 sec!

Jack Elliot dropped time in 3 out of 6 events.  50 Free, 50 Breast, and 100 Breast. Jack, and I as his Coach, learning that he is not ready to neg. split the 100m Fly, as that was not our best moment. 

However, we both learned from that one. Thank you, Jack for being brave enough to do what I asked of you. 

Zachary Kuhn swimming a 200 IM to kick off the meet with a 37.24 sec. drop and a 35.01 sec. drop in the 200m Free. 

Kaya Novack dropping time in 5 out of 5 events with the strongest drop in the backstroke!  Great job team!

Southern California Junior Olympics:  We also had 2 swimmers to represent Paseo's 5-10-year-old Boys and 1 to compete in the 11-12 yr old age group this year.  What a thrill to return to a meet that I have not attended since 1995!

Payton Bartlett: Leading the way as our first qualifier this season. He qualified in the 100m Fly, ending up in 3rd place, with a time of 1.24:09, 11th in the 100m Back, with a time of 1.29:86,  6th in the 50m Fly, with a time of 36.14!  This was the race, 50m Back getting 1st place, with a time of 37.95  and finally 50m Free, 7th with a time of 34.43.  Amazing job!

Jack Elliott, who was the 2nd 10 & U who qualified in the 100m Fly ending up in 13th place and the 100m Back earning 12th place in 1.30.54.  Jack got 11th in the 50m Breast, with a time of 48.93, 5th place in the 50m Fly, finishing 6th in 100m Breast in a time of 1.41.01 and 9th in the 50m Back with a time of 42.25.

Jacob Cook  qualified in 50m Breast, 50m Back, 100m  Back, and the 400m Free relay.

Jacob finished 3rd in the 50m Breast, with a time of 1:26.15, 3rd in the 100m Breast with a time of  1:24.53  and 11th in the 50m Back with a time of, 37.44  His relay team finished 1st with a time of 4.28:57 swimming with Noah Lawas,Tobin Carpenter, & Bret Bezanilla. 

I just can't tell you how proud I am to see such massive improvements in this group. 

We did have two age 5-10 relays scheduled to swim but those were cut due to a power failure at the pool and surrounding area.  I will be looking forward to a large group of kids being moved up to the next level this season.  Congratulations Champs 1.   This was the 1st JO's for kids from Champs 1 in Paseo history.  "Lets make a lot more firsts for Paseo Aquatics"  Thank you Champs 1

  • Coach Jim Owens         


Champs 2: 

The final month of the swim season has now come to a close and the Champs 2 swimmers surely saw the results of all the hard work they put in through this challenging year. We had two meets: the SBSC July Invite and JOs. Highlights from each are below!

SBSC July Invite:

  • Emma Piltzer dropped over 9.5 seconds in the 200 Free
  • Zach Reimbold dropped over 4 seconds in the 100 Free and over 12 seconds in the 200 Fly
  • Josiah Cerera dropped 11.45 seconds in the 50 Fly
  • Leyla Saifi dropped just over 11 seconds in the 400 Free
  • Justin Hamilton dropped over 4 seconds in the 200 Free and over 5 seconds in the 100 Fly

Junior Olympics:

  • Tobin Carpenter got 1st place in the 50 Fly after dropping 1.7 seconds off his best!
  • Zach Reimbold dropped over 2 seconds in the 100 and 200 Fly in which he placed 18th and 11th as well as dropping over a second in the 50 Free in Time trials!
  • Emma Piltzer placed 7th with a drop of just under 1 second in the 100 Free and 6th in the 50 fly with a drop of over a second
  • Josiah Cerera dropped almost 2.5 seconds in the 100 Back placing 6th, and also placed 6th in the 50 Back
  • Nadine Fernando dropped over a second in the 100 Fly as well as over a second in the 100 Back finishing 24th and 26th respectively
  • Jeanna Cerera dropped over 1.5 seconds in the 50 Breast placing 8th, as well as placing 10th in the 100 Breast with a drop of over half a second
  • Jaquelyn Bezanilla  dropped 0.24 in the 50 Free during Time Trials
  • Hannah Aina dropped 0.76 in the 50 Free during Time Trials

The results and development I have seen in each and every swimmer truly amazes me and I am proud to have helped them become the successful swimmers they are. I hope everyone has a great break and comes back ready to get the next season going!!!

  • Coach Asia =


It has been a long and exciting month for many of the Bronze swimmers who continue to attend the hot daytime practices.   As we all get excited about the 2 weeks off,  I hope our Bronze swimmers will be ready to return to a new and exciting plan of 3 to 4 weeks of hard aerobic training to get back in shape. We hope to see the kind of attendance we had during the school year.  A 75% attendance score!

As for competitions, the Bronze group only had 2 opportunities to compete this past summer.   The Santa Barbara Meet and the Daland meet. 

In Santa Barbara, the kids did an amazing job.  So much so, that the Head Coach was impressed with the effort and improvement.  Participating in the meet and achieving season-best times: 

Angelina Teymouri 100mt back 1.29.30, Joely Smith 200mt IM 3.03.31, 200mt Back 3.09.61, 

Hunter Habeger 200mt Breast drop of 28.87 sec. for a 2.59.82, 100mt Fly 1.09.62, Alexandra Kranian

100mt Back 1.20.18, Karina Ramirez 50mt Free 34.72, 100mt Free 1.19.98, Emily Ryken 100 mt Breast 2.04.07, 200mt Free 2.57.01, Maddie Hurst 100mt free 1.16.03, 100mt Breast 2.01.28.

These kids all posted best times in this meet.  I would also like to congratulate Hunter for being asked to swim a few days a week with the Sr1 Group.  Great work Bronze team.   

We all look forward to seeing some of you moving up this year and working to gain qualifing times to more championship meets.  

  • Coach Jim


Overall, Silver and SR1 both did amazing this long course season. We have had over 100 personal best times!

Silver JO Recap: Silver did an amazing job representing Paseo at SCS Summer JOs this past weekend. It was a great way to wrap up our summer training season.

Special shoutout to the team high-point winners for the swim meet. Allison Chen and Bret Bezanilla who scored the most points for our team at Summer JOs. Bret also scored the most points among all the 11-12 boys at the meet!

Notable swims

Tori Yamamura broke the 1:10 barrier in the 100m fly (1:09.43) also gained her first ever Far Western cut.

Dean Bezanilla went his best time in the 100m breaststroke with a time of 1:16.99

Ella Kim was able to break the 32.00 barrier in the 50m free with a time of 31.74

Noah Lawas was a part of an Illustrious relay that placed 3 firsts and 1 second place at JOs. This has not been done at a JOs for our 11-12 boys since 2017-2018 season :)

Sr. 1:  

SR1 JO recap: SR1 performed great at JOs and really showcased their skills and approach for the swim meet. Some had been struggling to get their mojo back and they really showed out at the meet.

Notable swims

Sebastian Villalobos got his very first Sectionals cut in the 100m breaststroke with a time of 1:10.66. He dropped over 3 seconds since May to get to this time

Sebastian Petho competed in his first ever Sectionals meet and performed very well. He started to heat up as the season progressed and even dropped huge chunks of time in his 400m free (4:21.62). That was over 13 second drop from middle of July in SBSC.

Emily Drossel finished 1st overall in the 100m butterfly with a time 1:05.26 narrowly missing her Futures cut by about .6.

Ashlyn Walters showcased her speed by setting a new Paseo 15-16 record in the 50m back with a time of 33.11 in the 200m medley relay, which placed 2nd overall.

Sammy Benoit went 1:07.80 in the 100m fly and also narrowly missed her sectionals cut

Anastasia Kellum struggled in her 200m breaststroke all season yet rebounded, swimming a 3:04.41 at prelims.

Delaney Cowan got her Far Western cut in the 100m Fly with a time of 1:10.19

Jordy Lozada finished top 5 in the 200m Fly (3rd) 2:22.89 and 100m fly (4th) 1:02.74.

Alex Bell competed in her first Futures Championship meet this past week and dropped time in both her 100m Fly and 50m Free!!  Congrats, Alex, on making it to the next level!

We will carry this momentum into the fall and very excited for the winter championship season :)


USA Swimming Western Zone Select Performance workshop

A special congratulation goes out to Thomas Hadji. Thomas was selected by USA Swimming as an emerging athlete. Through this performance workshop Thomas will get to hear from “Growing Leaders Organization” and the “More Brave Organization”. Both these organizations have extensive experience in working with student athletes and providing leadership training. Congrats Thomas!!

On the Performance Side

The growth never stops. It’s not always physical and getting through to young athletes in itself is a challenge. Truthfully, these athletes always give 100% of themselves but meaningful and truthful conversations about expectations, race day mentality and training intensities has a high yield of return when you can see the athlete is grasping it.

Sectionals brought on some amazing swims. Matthew Chan drops a 24.87 to earn his Future Championship cut! Smiles for miles. Ayden Reading drops a 1:02.37 100 back slicing 1 second off his time and nudging ever so close to the Futures cut. Thomas Hadji hammers down a PR in the 100M fly posting a 57.41 and not to be outshined, Cam Snowden drops a 1:05.14 slicing 1.5 off her best time. A total of 13 best times were achieved at Sectionals.

Southern California Junior Olympics has brought on some wonderful performances. Ody Lamprianidisdrops close to 2 seconds in his 100M free, Andy Park and Ayden Reading continue to lower their 100 freestyle times both dropping close to .5 second. Bryant Lee joins the Sectional Team by going out and swimming a 1:11.28 in 100M breast! Andy Park also had a very impressive time of 1:09.41 edging closer to his Futures cut. 

There were many other great developments at JO and Sectionals other then just times. Athletes were able to develop better habits in the mind game behind the blocks as well as worked on holding techniques and strategies in their races. It’s all part of development.

Next Cut Notables

Mathew Chan- Futures

Bryant Lee- Sectionals

The Daily Grind

Without having a bunch of Long Course meter training opportunities this summer we have had to pick up our VO2Max and %Vo2 work. In general terms this is Aerobic capacity and aerobic power. It’s been fun watching the athletes adapt to this. 

Keeping the mindset in the right place is always an ebb and flow process. It’s delicate and working through this takes patience and persistence. Constantly believing in them and always finding ways to talk to them about believing in themselves. I have witnessed some very fast swimming at practice.

Community Outreach

As our community slowly gets back to “normal” we are looking forward to reaching out and lending a Paseo Aquatics hand to those in need.  Look for opportunities in our upcoming monthly News and Notes!

USA Swimming Introduces New Health Program in Partnership with Talkspace

“This new initiative further emphasizes USA Swimming’s goal of continuously improving overall athlete health and safety. Supporting athletes and helping them be their best goes beyond training support and physical health resources. Mental health is a major component of an athlete’s performance and development – both while competing and in preparation for their post-athletic career.”  - USA Swimming

Especially with the last few years of events that have paralyzed our community, please be aware of your swimmer’s mindset and emotions and work with them to sort it all out.  Seeing Michael Phelps discuss this during his Olympic announcer stints over this Olympics as well as Simone Biles, doing what was best for her and taking a break from some events to clear her mind and regroup.  We all need it sometimes and it’s always okay.


Each month we will offer a segment on Parent Education, hoping to share insight and information on becoming the best possible parent-of-a-club-swimmer you can be. This month’s article ties in with the required “breaks” from swim as we begin our “summer vacation” from swim and school for the next few weeks.  Please allow your swimmer to take this break from the pool and training, it’s more beneficial than you realize.

Please click on the below!

Why Swimmers AND Parents Should Take a Break



To All Athlete’s:  Importance of Hydration and Refueling the Body

- Coach Chris Dahowski, Head Coach

Flexibility is the ability of a joint to move unimpeded through a wide range of motion (ROM).  In swimming, to a large degree we are looking for above average ROM.   Mobility is a combination of flexibility and extensibility and refers to the ability to control movement through the complete range of motion allowed by a joint.

Most of the work in swimming comes through the use of the upper body in particular the anatomical areas such as the shoulder joints, thoracic spine and hips. If any of the muscles that controls these regions are stiff or tight it will affect the body to move unencumbered through the water. 

What typically will happen is an athlete will compensate for the lack of ROM in those areas. This compensation will show up in their swimming and over time will lead to inefficient swimming technique. Without proper shape and movement there is limited upside to speed. Much like a gymnast as they tumble and flip, they are asking their bodies to get into extreme positions in order to be successful. Without ROM it simply could not occur. In swimming, a proper early vertical catch is an example of an extreme position. Katie Ledecky has one of the best and every underwater view I see of her swimming, I just marvel at her ability to get into that extreme position over and over again.

Athletes should find themselves on a good stretching plan at home in the evenings just prior to bed and set themselves up with a few mobility movements that they can perform prior to practice and race days. For it’s not what we do daily in practice that achieves the patterns for greatness. It’s what they do on their own time. When you notice your athlete with the willingness and desire to do things on their own, they are on the right path.

Please find a nice video on our site at can also be accessed under the Parent Education tab on website.


Coastal End of Summer Swim Meet

Saturday, July 31st – Sunday, August 1st

Daland Swim Team, Thousand Oaks High School, 2323 N Moorpark Rd., Thousand Oaks, CA

Groups:  Juniors, Champs 1 & 2 and Bronze


Speedo Summer Championships

Tuesday, August 3rd – Saturday, August 7th

Woollett Aquatics Center, Irvine, CA

Groups: This is a high-performance meet, with qualifying standards Summer Jr. National Cuts


Western Zone Championships

Lewisville, TX

Payton Bartlett, Bret Bezanilla and Jack Elliott



Saturday July 31st (except for those competing in Thousand Oaks) - Sunday, August 15th, 2021



Monday, August 16th - Friday, August 27th, 2021

(Groups will return in staggered formation: Discovery, Juniors and Advanced first; Champs l & ll and Bronze second; Silver, Senior l & ll third.  A formal schedule will be announced shortly to include Group locations and times.)