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October 2022

Parent Meeting Review


 We appreciate all the parents that made the efforts to attend one of the 6 meetings we scheduled a few weeks ago.  We know sometimes it’s difficult to find the best meeting time to attend, so we appreciate those that came to other meetings when their swimmer’s group meeting was not convenient for their schedules. For those unable to attend, please read through our meeting summary and reach out to [email protected] if any questions at all.

*Move-Up Policy: Every group is based on an age range and abilities/ performance level. While the younger groups focus on familiarity with the water, learning basic strokes, starts and turns, as they progress, they'll focus on more in-depth training to fine tune strokes, starts, turns, finishes, breathing, etc. With each advancement, comes greater responsibility, new time standards and a lot more work. While our coaches work hard to help all our swimmers, there will always be a swimmer faster than yours, there will always be a swimmer slower than yours, there will always be a swimmer that swims the same speed as yours. Please trust that the coaches are not going to move an athlete to a group and keep them there if they can't keep up with the group and certainly will not keep them in a group in which their performance excels the others by leaps and bounds. Moving swimmers up before they're ready can be as detrimental as leaving them in a group where they're the fastest. Please TRUST our coaches and their decisions. Our coaches will always discuss their concerns with you prior to any moving of any swimmers to different groups.  You can find the Athlete Development Model (that was mentioned during the meetings) on  If you’d like the PDFs emailed to you, please email [email protected] to request.

Role as a Swim Parent:

*   Coaches critique performance, Parents support and love unconditionally.

*   Coaches discipline during swimming, Parents support and love unconditionally.

*   Coaches determine direction, Parents support and love unconditionally.

*   Coaches push and challenge swimmers, Parents support and love unconditionally.

*   Comrnon Theme? Paseo Aquatics needs the support of all our families to continue to thrive, but the largest contribution you can make is letting us coach your swimmers and you support and love them, cheer for them, praise them, hug them if they're upset, high-five them when they're excited, but please don't coach your swimmers. It is more often counterproductive, causing much confusion with the athletes, leading to frustration and the #1 reason kids quit any sport, not fun anymore. Please help us to help them grow, advance, fail, learn, progress, plateau and grow stronger in their love for swimming.

PLEASE note, the coaches will ALWAYS choose the swimmer's events for meets, as parents, we just need you to let us know which day(s) of the meet your child will be participating. USA Swimming has STRICT guidelines when developing swimmers. They will NOT always swim their best events, they WILL have to swim events they don't like, they WILL have to swim some longer races if they tend to lean toward sprints and some sprints if they tend to lean toward distance. The development of the swimmers isn't a year-long program, it is a lifetime, it is focusing on different strokes/ speeds/paces this season, switching it up the next, working more aerobic or anaerobic — it is a plan of training over time to help them grow and achieve their best successes when it counts the most. If ANY questions with regards to your child's training, please address before/ after practices or via phone call/email with your child's coach first.

* Website:

1)    Familiarize yourself with the website, especially, the Parent Tab, which has a lot of information for you to review

2)    Be sure to read our Paseo Handbook and if you have NOT yet turned in Pages 40-48, please do so as soon as possible.

3)    News and Notes: Our newsletters, media, and other information can be found on our website. We always try to keep the emails to a minimum of most pertinent at the time, but ALWAYS check our website, as there is so much helpful information there at your disposal.

4)    The Home Page will list upcoming meets that are in our calendar —

*   Please note, when you click on the meet, it will list the groups that are expected to compete at these meets. If you have any questions with regards to meet participation, please ask your coach directly before or after practice.

*   Usually, several weeks prior to the meet date, the "Meet File" will be attached. Simple click on the hyperlink and familiarize yourself with the meet location, age-groups of swimmers and sessions of swimmers, so you are clear on when and where your swimmer will need to be come meet day.

About 2-3 days PRIOR to meet day, our Volunteer Positions will be available for you to sign up for.

*   For away meets: these positions are mostly lane timers for 1-1 1/2 hr. sessions at a time. PLEASE note that these meets cannot be held without full parent participation. We do require that all our families time and help, as our club is required to provide a certain percentage of timers and if we cannot adhere, it really puts a negative light on our parents/ volunteers, so please always find a slot to help us out. Please note the days and sessions WILL be listed, so please be sure not to sign up to time on the wrong day or different session than when you'll be there.

*   For Paseo Hosted Meets: There are many more opportunities to assist when Paseo is hosting the meet, such as concession stand donations, workers, head timers, administration, runners, timers, meet announcers, set-up and clean up, etc. This is when we NEED our parents support the most! Please let us know of the areas you're most interested in so when we're planning our next hosted meet, we can call on you for your assistance.  If any questions, please contact Rebecca Hindman, our Volunteer Coordinator @ [email protected] or at (520) 331-3626


Volunteer Notes

How to sign up for a swim meet:

      How To Time:

·       More about timing:


·       Some good basics (not all applies but it helps):


While our staff, USA Swimming certified parent volunteers and older swimmers are required to take the USA Swimming SafeSport courses, we do ENCOURAGE ALL parents to take the free courses offered through, under the "Resources", "Education" tabs, as it is the foundation of our dedication to maintaining a healthy, safe environment for all our swimmers and staff. We hold an annual SafeSport Meeting in January to review the SafeSport policies and procedures, yet hope you will review them as well in the interim.

By putting the policies in place and communicating expectations, we can continue to create a positive and safe environment for everyone.

NOTE: It is strictly prohibited to take ANY pictures/ videos of any sort in any bathroom, shower, locker room, etc. as well as BEHIND THE STARTING BLOCKS. It doesn't matter if kids are wearing parkas, it is prohibited by USA Swimming, so please adhere to this policy and remind your swimmers of the same.

IF you see anything that causes concern, please report to Kelly Zancanaro, our SafeSport Representative for further review @ [email protected] or (661) 645-4268.  All reports are confidential to those that report and if further investigation is required, only between the parties involved and our SafeSport review individuals.



Each month we will offer a segment on education, hoping to share insight and information on becoming the best possible parent-of-a-club-swimmer you can be. This month’s article helps families support their swimmers in learning to communicate directly with their coach.   Enjoy!



The Greatest Predictor of Success


Focus. Passion. Mental toughness. That’s it. When these three elements are combined, they become the greatest predictor of success.

“I see this every day. Coaches can see this every day. It does not take much to see who is putting this together and who is not. It’s not hard to see Focus. It’s not hard to see Passion. It’s not hard to see Mental Toughness. I know as parents, you have a tendency to see your kids as displaying all this. But, it’s the coach who day in and day out on the deck that truly sees it. That truly knows it. The athletes ultimately define themselves to the coach. The coach does not define them.”

1.Where do we want to go? (Focus)

2.How bad do you want to get there? (Passion)

3.Do you have the mental skills needed to handle the adversity along the journey (Mental Toughness)

“We coaches can spot an athlete that is being lazy, under performing at practices or on game day. This does not mean we think they are lazy people or they are weak in character. It means we are spotting a consistent trait that is failing them to reach their full potential.”

Most athletes don’t fail because they don’t try; they fail because of their answers to the three questions. High performance is a puzzle that’s greater than practices. They fail because of the missing pieces, not because of poor strategy, training, or technique. It isn’t because they lack strength or fitness. They lack knowledge.

“Try it out. Ask your athletes the three questions. See what answers you get or don’t get.”

“Remember, a coach stands on deck every day pushing your kids to be the best. We see things, we point out things, we challenge these young men and women to dig deeper. In our eyes, they come to practice because they want to be at practice because they want to be the best they can be. For, It’s at practice they learn to handle the adversity along the journey. To put it short it’s where they develop their game of mental toughness.”

-Non italicized - paragraphs author Unknown

-Italicized - Coach Chris



Crespi Closed Race Series #3

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Robinson Family Aquatics Center, Crespi High School, Encino, CA 91316

Groups:  Those that qualify and are selected to Teams A and B by Paseo Aquatics



Saturday, October 22nd – Sunday, October 23rd

Carpenteria Comm. Pool, 5305 Carpenteria Ave., Carpenteria, CA

Groups: Juniors 1 + 2, Champs 1 +2, and Bronze


Kevin Perry Senior Meet    

Thursday, Nov. 3rd – Sunday, Nov. 6th

La Mirada Splash, 13806 La Mirada Blvd., La Mirada, CA

Groups:  Sr. 2 Only



Saturday, Nov. 5th – Sunday, Nov. 6th

Ventura Aquatic Center, 901 S. Kimball Road, Ventura, CA 93004

Groups:  Juniors – Senior 1 (This is NOT for Discovery swimmers)