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Concussion Education

This area is to help educate parents on Concussions. We strongly encourage all parents to watch the free online courses provided by the CDC and the NFHS Learning center. When visiting the link below, please enter the state of " California" when prompted. 

All courses are free. You will be asked to sign a consent form acknowledging you have been provided the USA Swimming Concussion Information Sheet, as well as advised of free online courses in concussion knowledge.

NFHS Concussion In Sports- Elective Course for Parents

CDC Heads Up Concussion Course- Elective course for Parents

NFHS Concussion in Youth Sports- Elective Course for Parents- Enter state of "California" when prompted.


More info:

CDC - Concussion in Youth Sports

USA Swimming ConcussionTask Force

CDC Fact Sheet on Concussions 


Information Sheet and Acknowledgement & Consent Form: Must be signed by all Parents or Guardians

USA Swimming Concussion Information Sheet- Parents please read prior to signing the Acknowledgement & Consent Form

Concussion Acknowledgement and Consent Form- Printable

Concussion Online Acknowledgement and Consent Form- Electronic


Injury Prevention and Mobility

Below are just a few of the many resouces available to aid your swimmer. If your child complains of a nagging shoulder-- take it seriously. Sometimes a swimmer may just need rest. Other times it could be a sign of something more involved. Remember, early diagnosis and prevention can save weeks of recovery and time missed. 

Thoracic Spine and Shoulder Mobility

FINA Prevention of Shoulder Injury in Aquatic Sports

Bringing Clarity to Swim Performance- Swim Science



Parent Education 2022-2023 Season


Schedule for the Parents Meeting Discovey - Silver -  Here you will find a detailed schedule. It can also be found on the home page under Team Events.




This section is for New Members and Existing Members.


Team Membership:

If you are looking to tryout for the team please call us at (661) 388-5301 and we will schedule your evaluation. Please bring a copy of the athletes Birth Certificate so we can verify age to complete the USA Swimming Athlete Membership form. During the evaluation we will determine the proper group and discuss with the parents the necessary information to complete the registration process to be on the team. 

To become officially registered with the TEAM all required Forms and Code of Conducts must be completed through the paperless registration process. These forms are only accesible after you have become and Account Member. To become and Account Member the athlete must complete the USA Swimming Athlete Membership form and associated fees. From which point the Family's Account can be built on the TEAM website and the Paperless Registration process can begin.


There is so much to learn in the sport of swimming. In fact, not unlike other sports, swimming has its own lingo. You can find a glossary of terms in the resource button. Rule One-- don't feel overwhelmed by the sport. There are a few basics, such as training gear which can all be found in the Group & Schedule Tab. 

Paseo Aquatics families can do all of their swim shopping locally at Conejo Swimworks in Santa Clarita. Everything from practice suits to goggles-- even Paseo Aquatics gear-- can be purchased there. You can also find a lot of these items online at Amazon.

We generally carry Paseo Aquatics swim caps in stock. Black and White caps are available for all group levels. Colored caps denote achieved times (i.e. Gold Caps = Championship Cuts; Blue Caps = Far Western Cuts, etc), 2-3 times a year we will take orders for customized caps which have your names on the sides.

Team warm-ups are available through Speedo, with whom Paseo Aquatics has a sponsorship deal. Warm up orders are placed twice per year. Conejo Swimworks will size the athletes to confirm proper fit and customization. 

Spirit wear is also available for swimmers and family members. Some items are kept in stock. Additional orders can be placed with Denise Bartlette ([email protected])

Hammerhead Caps are required for all athletes in the WHITE PYRAMID (Discovery through Advanced). Paseo Aquatics sells these caps for $30.00 each. All swimmers will be provided a cap and their account billed accordingly.

Signing up for Swim Meets: 

Parents you must pay attention to emails as it relates to meets.

How to Sign Up For A Meet

What Do We Do Once Signed Up For A Meet



Tracking Meets, Best Times, and Time Standards: 

Do yourself a huge favor and download the USA Swimming DECK PASS app today. This app will track all of your athlete's swims and best times.

Deck Pass

For swim meet tracking download the Meet Mobile App to your phone. This will be your go to during swim meets.

Meet Mobile

Here you can look up the Red, White and Blue time standards.

Southern California Time Standards 


Inner-Team Communication

Telegram- We use the Telegram App as Inner-Team Communication.  It meests the rquirements of Safe Sport as well as acts as a fast way to get last second information out to team. Parents are reccomended to be on the telegram links from Silver to Juniors. If your athletes move up to a new group it is important Parents get themselves on the telegram for their new group. Please ask the Coach of the group to add you to the telegram. 


More Info:

What If Your Athlete Wants To Take A Break From The Sport

What Parents Should Say as Their Kids Perform

The Ten Commandments of a Swim Parent

Being a True Sport Parent Handbook- For parents of all athletes.

US Center for Safe Sport

5 Safesport Tips


Organizational Topic:

Group Structuring

Move Up Policy