Current Covid Protocols

This applies across all sections, Parents, Athletes and Coaches





The link below is required to complete the Minor Athlete Protection Training. This course is mandated until the day the athlete reaches 18 years of age. Without this course completion, swimmers are not allowed to participate in any activity hosted by Paseo Aquatics, including daily training. This course is also required for Paseo Aquatics to achieve its Safe Sport Badge

Click here for instructions on the parent or athlete online training course. 

Minor Online Course:

Safe Sport Athlete Protection Training- For Athletes 



Click here for online zoom training opportunites hosted by USA Swimming.


Registration Paperwork

2021 USA Swimming Registration Form- This is a fillable PDF form that can also be found on the Southern California Swimming website. (If you are asked by a coach to complete the USA Swimming registration form on behalf of an athlete, this is the correct form)



True Sport Nutrition Guide-  A complete guide to nutrition

Rebecca Soni- USA Olympian Quick Nutrition GuideRebecca drafted this specifically for our Paseo Aquatics athletes.


Prohibited Substances

World Anti-Doping Association


Injury Prevention and Mobility

Shoulder Mobility Exerscises focusing on Throacic Spine, Shoulder


USA Swimming- Scholastic All American

You can apply for this in August. You must maintain a 3.5 GPA and have achieved a Junior National Time Standard. The application also posts on 



This is the stop if you wish to become more involved with Paseo Aquatics on any level (i.e. Chaperone, Meet Volunteer, Coordinator etc). 

Email [email protected] and let us know how you would like to contribute. It takes an army to manage youth sports-- and we're always on the lookout for dedicated soldiers.

How to:

Volunteering yourself in the program means qualifying as an Adult Participant (MAAPP), should the position involve direct authority over minor athletes. Below is the definition of an Adult Participant: 

Adult Participant

Steps to becoming an Adult Participant:

1. Complete a USA Swimming Account. Then complete a registration (82.00 paid by club) with USA Swimmimg.  

2. Complete the Athlete Protection Training (APT) . This course focuses on prioritizing athletes and keeping them safe. 

3. Complete a Background Check through USA Swimming. 

4. Complete CPT training. Concussion Protocol Training.

5. Signed MAAPP Consent and Acknowledgement Form

Once these steps have been succesfully completed, you will be a USA-Swimming Adult Participant and eligible to join our wonderful volunteer staff.


Volunteer Committee: 

Paseo Aquatics extends a HUGE thanks  toeach and every volunteer on this committee for their tireless efforts in supporting every kid within our youth swim program.  We simply could not do it without these individuals.

Volunteer Committee


Additional Sources of info

Championship Meets - vs- Regular Meets - Undertanding a Prelims / Finals meet and what to be aware of.

Adding SMS text to Account- Parents step by step instructuons

2021 SCS Swim Guide

5 Tips on Safe Sport

Glossary of Swim Terms

Team Handbook

Timing At Meets

Volunteering For Meets

Best Practices Guidelines

Electronic Policy

Cultural Inclusion Guide

5 Reasons Why Swimmers Make Best Employees

Racing Starts at meets 10and under athletes- Parents please read



USA Swimming one stop on nutrition- This is a great resource for parents. Here you will find brochures and tear sheets for fueling, recovery, plant based you name it.  


Move Ups:

Each group has a general age range and skill level projected. These are guidelines and ultimately it comes down to the staff involved with the swimmers and the current ebb and flow in the surrounding group stuctures. 

We try to work move ups around the completion of a "Championship Season" typically in the months of December, May, September.


Air Quality:

Southern California Swimming has placed a mandate on all clubs in it jurisdiction to stop all practices and competitions if the Air Quality index reaches the Unhealthy status of 151. is the organization we have been advised to reference. (Practice Cancellations due to Natural Causes are not refundable).

Air Qualilty Ruling



The California Department of Justice set forth in the California Penal Code and the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act CANRA determines all coaches are "Mandated Reporters" (Pen. Code 11165.7, Subds (a) (7)-(8).)

Contacting the U.S. Center for Safe Sport to make a report does not fully meet the requirements set forth by Ca DOJ Penal Code for "Mandated Reporters."

Mandate Reporters- Filing a report must be handled in the following manner:

Immediately, or as soon as practicably possible, a mandated reporter must call in an initial report to a local law enforcement or child welfare agency when there is reasonable suspicion that sexual abuse or neglect has occured. (Pen. Code 1116, subd. (a).) Within 36 hours of receiving the information concerning the incident, the mandated reporter shall also prepare and send, via fax or electronic transmission, a written follow-up report.

What does Safe Sport Mean?

Across the spectrum of all sports therein lie concerns where personal boundaries are crossed between peers, as well as coach-athlete relationships. Paseo Aquatics is a compliant club and recognized by USA Swimming as a Safe Sport Program. This means Paseo Aquatics has met and exceeded all protocols set forth by USA Swimming to assure Vigilance and Proactive corrective measures in the event of an occurance. 


If you are interested in becoming a Paseo Aquatics coach:

1. Email us at [email protected] prior to background check

2. Complete the Paseo Aquatics Background Check

3. Once background check is complete we will email you a link with instructions to set up your USA Swimming Account and complete a Usa Registration. (82.00 Paid by Paseo Aquatics)

3. Completion of all USA Swimming Certifications. Checklist here.

Coaching Requirements- checklist to complete


Coaching Education:

USA Swimming Coach Education Certification ProgramThe Coach Education Certification program’s purpose is to provide coaches with access to relevant, dynamic and ongoing education. USA Swimming is committed to better educating coaches, which will increase opportunities for athletes, families and other member constituents to have a lasting, positive swimming experience. It will help create a safe, athlete-centered and developmentally appropriate environment where our swimmers can thrive.

American Swim Coach Association- Here coaches can work through their ASCA Level 1-5. These are great foundational tools for every coach to work through. 


More Info:

Emergency Action Plan

Best Practices Guidelines

USA Swimming Racing Start Certification- Must be completed and retained on file.


Coaches Requested Time Off

Requested Time Off Form



Coaching Athletes With Cognitive Disabilities

2021 SCS Swim Guide

Racing Start Certification

Racing start protocols for instruction



In the event of an injury, Paseo Aquatics must file a Report of Occurance (ROO) within one (1) day of the occurance. The ROO can be found below:

Report Of Occurance


Coaches Calendar- Tenative PATH hosted events:

Current Pool Contracts- here we can look for upcoming pool closures

City of Santa Clarita Pools