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We thank you for considering Paseo Aquatics in your annual donations. Paseo Aquatics is making the difference in the lives of many throughout Santa Clarita Valley and beyond. We work within our community using our athletes to help serve those in need. We like to believe we are developing great citizens one stroke at a time. 

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Memorial Fund:


The Memorial Fund was established to help athletes pursue their dreams in the sport of swimming while concurrently attaining their personal goals. 


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Previous Recipients of the JYMSF

Joseph Park (2019). The fund assisted Joseph in achieving his dream of attending the Future National Championship Meet in Oregon. Joseph subsequently went on to attend GCU University in Arizona.

Michael Andrizzi (2021). The fund has supported Michael on his dream of attending the Junior National Championship in Austin Texas. 

Joanne Young Memorial Scholarship Fund


Joanne Young is the mother of Paseo Aquatics founding partner and Head Coach, Chris Dahowski.

As a young mother, Joanne spent 20 years of her life in Pennsylvania following the swimming careers of her daughter, Diane Dahowski, and son, Chris Dahowski as well as the football career of her son Don Dahowski. She was a mother first. But her passion for the sport guided her into the swim world—an effort that led to the betterment of the clubs for which her children swam— be it Dallastown High School, York Suburban or the powerhouse swimming program of York YMCA.

Joanne dedicated herself to working the concession stands during meets. In the evenings, prior to an event, she could be found in her kitchen making sandwiches and other baked goods that would be sold to help the team flourish financially. Some of our fondest swim memories were working at the York Street Fair, where my mother would set up a funnel cake station. From sun-up to sundown, and all weekend long, we would push the cakes to raise money for our beloved swim program. More often than not, it was not the athletes but my mother who could barely stand at the end of a meet. Her love and support for the team was constant-- and as pure as water.

Joanne spent her weekends on the road, traveling locally, citywide—and eventually to different states as she gave her all to our swim careers. Even after we graduated and went off to college, her efforts never paused. She planned her life around attending college meets in which both her son and daughter competed. Her dedication was always on full display—and just feeling her presence in the stands was more than enough motivation to produce a Personal Best.

Both my sister and I can truthfully say our mother was the most positive force behind our swimming endeavors—complete and utter support without an ounce of parental pressure. The words, “Have fun honey, I love you bunches and bunches” still ring in my ears to this day. I cannot think of a better way to memorialize this amazing woman.

Ever since the inception of Paseo Aquatics, my mother was a huge advocate, mentor and believer. When times were challenging, she would say to me “If you can make a difference in just one kid, than you are doing something right. Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture-- of creating something that is meaningful in your community that helps kids stay on track. The work you are doing is good work.” My mother, quietly, each year, would make financial contributions to the team. She would say, “I know it’s not much-- but it will help somewhere.” It always did.

In honor of my mother, who was a great humanitarian, a gentle soul, and a woman who always found a way to devote a positive influence on our club and the sport, we are proud to announce the JOANNE YOUNG MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND.

Every year, every season, Paseo Aquatics is faced with families that require financial support to allow their kids the chance to fall in love with the sport of swimming. Education, Water Safety and Competition are gifts this sport yields—and it is the gift of a lifetime. It is our ardent goal that the JOANNE YOUNG MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND will provide its recipients an experience they would otherwise be forced to forfeit.

Talent is not a bi-product of financial means. It is a natural born ability fostered by love and infinite support. It is our mission that this scholarship bring hope to many deserving families. This is the greatest honor I could possibly bestow upon my mother, with the hope that new swim mothers carry her legacy forward with their children.



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