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Marlin's Home Meet

Buffy Patterson

What a great meet to kick off the 21/22 season!  Not only were we able to hold a meet, but the swimmers showed up to wow their coach.  One comment I heard, “Does it make you feel good that you have all these fast swimmers because of how you coach.”  Yes, it does.  But the swimmers are the ones who put in all the work to get as fast as they are. 

Marlins were out in spades with 36 swimmers swimming 115 swims.  Out of the 36 swimmers, 12 of them had not done a meet before.  Great job Henry, Isla, Emerson, Ellie, Tate, Bryce, Sophia D., Russell, Forest, Vivi, Miren, and James.  Oh and it was Miren’s birthday to boot.  Another 7 swimmers swam 15 swims that they have not done before.  The team had an average of 86% best times.  I think that might be one of the highest yet.  I also believe every swimmer got at least one best time. 

Luckily we don’t need to wait long for our next meet, Spooky Plunge will be happening Saturday October 30th.  North Bay Aquatics will be joining us for a little more competition and fun.