8 & Under Novice

The 8 & Under Novice Group are designed to offer your child an opportunity to acquire new skills and confidence in the water without having to join our full swim team program. The skills are introduced in a fun, caring atmosphere with a low student to teacher ratio to ensure every swimmer gets the individualized attention needed to learn.

This program focuses on the development of Freestyle and Backstroke and the introduction of Butterfly and Breaststroke. Proper body position, body roll, and rhythmic breathing techniques are all introduced along with introducing the skills necessary for butterfly and breaststroke.

The focus of this program is skill acquisition in an environment that fosters a love of the sport. Participants who successfully complete this program are prepared to join our competitive 8 & Under Advanced group. 


Spring Schedule


  • Dry Land ~ 4:00-4:15PM
  • Swim ~ 4:15-5:00PM


Summer Schedule ~ June 5-August 5


  • Swim ~ 9:15-10:15AM
  • Dry Land ~ 10:15-10:45AM


COSTS & COMMITMENTS: The 8 & Under Novice is $110.00/Month

$125.00 PDSC Team Registration fee which includes team shirt & cap. 

USA Swimming Membership:  Either Premium Membership $82.00 or Flex Membership $30.00.

  • Note Flex Membership allows members to compete in only two swim meets per year, and may be upgraded to the Premium Membership at any time.

Meet Entry Fees per any meet entered throughout the season.




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8 & Under Group Criteria 

The 8 & Under Novice group is the entry-level group for new swimmers ages 5-8. New swimmers must demonstrate that they are completely safe in deep water. Able to swim 2 x 25 yards of freestyle* and 25 yards of backstroke*. 

*Proper freestyle requires exhaling with the face in the water and turning the head to breathe with alternating arms. 
*Proper backstroke requires being comfortable on the back in the water with alternating arms.

Practice is offered three days per week. Athletes may be invited by their coach to swim with the 8 & Under Advanced group if they can keep up and have perfect attendance for the week.

There is no attendance requirement for this group, but athletes will improve more quickly, and make more friends (which will make them want to come more!), the more often they attend practice.

Goals of the 8 & Under Group 

  • Swim 2 x 100 freestyle.
  • Swim 25 yards of each stroke or 100 IM.
  • Kick 8 x 25 flutter kick with a kickboard.
  • Athlete is motivated to listen to coaches and try to improve.
  • Courteous to other swimmers in the pool.
  • Athletes know their attitude affects how they swim and how others around them swim.
  • Develop consistent practice attendance.