Senior Advanced 


The Senior Advanced program is designed for swimmers 13 & older seeking to successfully compete at the JO/JAG/WAG Senior level. Athletes are selected for this training group by the Head Coach and will have every opportunity for success and is reserved for those looking to be challenged to be their absolute best.

Participation in the program means the athlete and their family are fully committed to their performance goals. The environment is supportive and we strive to ensure that every athlete gets the personalized attention they need to meet or exceed their swimming goals. The Senior program practices 6-8 days a week. The swimmers in this group will have the opportunity to compete in local and statewide swim meets.

In addition to the swim program, the Sr Advanced group includes three dryland training sessions per week focusing on body awareness, agility, and strength/explosiveness.   

Spring Schedule

  • PM Swim ~ 3:45-5:30PM
  • Dry Land ~ 5:30-6:30PM 


  • AM Swim ~ 6:00-7:30AM (Optional)
  • PM Swim ~ 3:45-6:00PM


  • PM Swim ~ 3:45-5:30PM
  • Dry Land ~ 5:30-6:30PM


  • AM Swim ~ 6:00-7:30AM (Optional)
  • PM Swim ~ 3:45-6:00PM


  • PM Swim ~ 3:45-6:00PM


  • Swim ~ 7:00-9:15AM
  • Dry Land ~ 9:15-10:15AM


Summer Schedule ~ June 5-August 5
  • Dry Land ~ 6:00-7:00AM
  • Swim ~ 7:00-9:15AM
  • Swim Only ~ 6:00-8:15AM


  • Swim Only ~ 7:00-9:15AM


COSTS & COMMITMENTS: This program costs $175.00 a month.

$82.00 USA Swimming Premium Membership
$125.00 PDSC Team registration fee which includes team shirt & cap. 
Meet Entry Fees per any meet entered throughout the season.


REQUIRED GEAR: Kickboard, Fins, Pull Buoy, Paddles, Band, Snorkel, Drag Sox


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Senior Elite Group Criteria

The Sr Elite practice is offered x times per week during the summer. This program is intended to provide both a stepping stone for athletes intending to be successful in the National program and also provide a demanding and comprehensive training program for those athletes who want to compete at the Sr Level. 

Sr members are expected to attend a minimum of 80% of all practices, this includes Saturday morning practicesEach and every practice is a necessary component for success as a senior swimmer.

Swimmers entering the Senior program must be at least 13 years old and complete four of the following six:

  • [email protected] 1:20
  • [email protected] :50 kick
  • Swim under 1:05 in 100yd freestyle for girls/ 1:00 for boys
  • Swim 13-14 BB USA Swimming qualifying time standards in main events (2)


Expectations of the Senior Elite Group

  • Strive to be competitive at the LSC/Senior level and prepare  athletes for both competency at the Sectional, State level and for movement into the Senior National group (if so desired)
  • To consistently improve commitment level and training/racing ability from season to season
  • Continue becoming more fluid in swimming (no splashing)
  • Actively improve distance per stroke
  • Learn leadership skills
  • Attendance should improve, not decline as the athlete matures
  • Training attitudes should be more productive and supportive as the athlete gets older
  • Athletes must conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to actions needed to promote and support the goals of the team
  • Attend all meets prescribed by coaching staff unless Senior coach agrees to the absence
  • Display ability to train appropriately for the athlete’s experience and stated goals
  • Parental involvement in "wet side" decreases but increases on "dry side" during tenure.
  • Active in club fundraising


Other areas of swimmer Accountability:

  • Swimmer learns to accept the responsibility for his/her performance
  • Swimmer learns coping strategies to deal with peer pressure
  • Swimmer learns coping strategies to deal with parent pressure
  • Swimmer understands and performs personal race strategies
  • Swimmer demonstrates an ability to balance school, social, swimming and family
  • Swimmer can effectively communicate her/his commitment to her/his parent, coach and teammates
  • Swimmer knows the team goals and will take an active part in developing specific and attainable practice group goals
  • Swimmer understands the relationship between his/her personal commitment level and results



  • Has 100% attendance at practice sessions
  • Does not arrive late or leave early from practice
  • Understands that each practice is a necessary component for success
  • Incorporates both a team and individual approach to swimming
  • Loves to Race
  • Loves the sport and is committed to it
  • Has an open mind and believes that anything and everything is possible
  • Has confidence in themselves and in the work they have put in, as well in the obstacles and challenges they have overcome
  • Enjoys challenges and difficult tasks, understands that these challenges build character and help the process of success in and out of the pool.
  • Always seeks to do more then what is asked, is not satisfied do the minimum
  • Understands that confidence, not arrogance is a key factor in successful performances
  • Gives honest self-assessment in practice and meets
  • Takes responsibility for their actions in practice and meets
  • Understands that the “Athlete” has the most influence on the outcome
  • Comes to practice prepared with proper equipment and nutrition (water, sports drink, power bar)
  • Carries at all times spare suit, cap and goggles
  • Consults the coach concerning injury or illness
  • Consistently offers the coach feedback on personal technique, training and meet performances
  • Practices good self-talk during all practices and meets
  • Understands that focusing on the solutions is far better than focusing on problems
  • Above all commits to doing everything within their power to reaching their goals and maximizing their own potential