Championship Meet Information

There are three "championship" meets take place at the end of the regular Short Course (SC) Season and the Long Course (LC) Season. Typically swimmers are not able (nor are they expected) to swim in all three meets.

The Winter & Summer Festivals are open only to swimmers who have not achieved a blue time in a given event.

The Eastern Committee Long Course and Short Course Championships are open only to swimmers who have achieved at least a red time in a given event. 

Summer Junior Olympics and the June Age Group Championships (JAGS) are open only to swimmers who have achieved a qualifying time standard for those events.  

Winter Junior Olympics and the Winter Age Group Championships (WAGS) are open only to swimmers who have achieved time standards for those meets. 

Some swimmers may have times that fall under multiple headings (white, red, blue, WAG, or JO).  This presents a challenge:  which meet(s) do we enter?  As a rule, I personally don't recommend swimming three meets within four weeks' time.  Nevertheless, some of you may want to consider entering more than one of these meets.

It's important to remember that, as a swimmer improves, he/she earns the privilege of swimming in meets of overall better quality (i. e. faster times).  On the other hand, a swimmer with only one or two blue times might enjoy the RW meet because he/she would have a better chance of winning a race (and a ribbon).  Having achieved red times, this same swimmer is eligible to enter BOTH meets if he/she wishes.

Every race provides a swimmer with an oppportunity to achieve a best time and/or a new time standard.

Unfortunately, times achieved at the R/W Festival cannot be used to enter the B/R Eastern Committee Championships.  There simply isn't sufficient turnaround time to submit these entries.

The Eastern Committee Championships are a point-scoring meet (teams earn points for places 1-8 in individual and relay events).  Naturally, we would like as many of our swimmers who qualify to be part of the "team effort" at this meet, if possible.

In short, the decision is yours as to whether you enter your child in both the R/W and B/R meets, or the B/R and JO meets (if they qualify).  It may be a matter of convenience and amount of time you wish to devote over the next month of weekends.  Regardless of what you decide, we enjoy coaching your children and as always are glad that you belong to the Palm Desert Swim Club!