Age: 10-13 years old

Practice Days: 6 Practices, Monday - Saturday

Description: This group is designed primarily athletes age 9-13 who are dedicated to swimming and are committed to their training and attending practice regularly. In this group swimmers will be introduced to two workouts a day certain times of the year.  The focus in this group is to continue developing detailed stroke technique habits, strength and endurance, self-confidence, and the athlete’s ownership over their swimming. Swimmers will learn that training and competing with teammates is fun and rewarding. Formalized goal setting exercises will be introduced.  Having fun and bonding with teammates is crucial to the athletes learning to push through being tired.

  • Junior swimmers’ practice will be a full training program with swimmers working on various aerobic, endurance and speed sets.
  • Swimmers in these groups will work towards developing into competition and competitive senior level swimmers
  • Swimmers should have at least 1 USA Swimming Blue standard with the goal of attending and placing at Junior Olympics.  

Swimmer Expectations:  Swimmers should attend a minimum 70% of workouts per week. Swimmers are required to attend all schedule meets.  Swimmers are expected to complete goal-setting activities and begin to know their goal times and paces at practice.

Equipment: Swimmers need to have a pair of Fins, pull bouy, and paddles at practice each day.