PM practice: Monday - Friday
AM Practice: Monday/Wednesday/Friday
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Riverside Aquatics Association Masters Swim Team is a team-based adult training program that serves any athletes training for triathlons, former collegiate athletes, and non-competitive swimmers who are all determined to improve their fitness through swimming.

“Masters” can seem intimidating, but simply stands for anyone that is 18 years of age or older. Some members are training for specific events while most train for broad health and fitness reasons. The atmosphere is a general mixture of dedication and fun.

The only equipment that we require is an swim suit and goggles. However it is encouraged also have fins, kickboards ( which the team provides), paddles, and pool bouys which are used regularly during practice.

We offer a discount to college students, active military, and seniors.



I’m new to swimming or I am not sure I am fast enough?
To be a member of RAA Masters  you only need two things, a time and patience. Learning to swim or improving technique can take time. Swimming often looks effortless but is seldom the case! We offer practices to all skill ranges from beginner to expert.


My schedule changes on a regular basis, can I still join?
We all know the demands imposed by family and work schedules can make having a regular schedule difficult. We do not penalize anyone for leaving early, starting late, or showing up on an irregular basis. That being said, the best results often occur when you show up as consistently as possible.


Does your team attend organized Masters meets or Open Water events?
We strongly encourage all members to attend any of the many local Masters meets or open water events. Many Masters athletes enjoy the social and relaxed competitive nature of these events, however it is not a requirement to attend them.


Is there any “free swim” or usage of exercise equipment?
There are exceptions to athletes that have a set workout that they wish to follow, but in general it is expected that swimmers will follow the direction of the coaching staff. There is occasionally special equipment provided by the team only under the guidance of the coaching staff.