Age: 13-18 years old

Practice Days: 6+ Practices, Monday - Saturday

Description: This group is for our most advanced athletes who have chosen swimming as their primary non-academic activity and are focused on achieving the highest level they can in USA Swimming. This group focuses on perfecting stroke technique, maximizing speed and power and endurance and training towards specific events.  Swimmers will learn to manage time, responsibilities, and school, while holding themselves and their teammates to a high standard of excellence. Swimmers should be actively participating in goal setting activities.

  • Athletes in these groups are working towards Sectional, Futures and National times.
  • These athletes are committed to a year-round training program consisting of 6-9 workouts a week

Swimmer Expectations:  Swimmers must attend a minimum of 75% of workouts for National Prep and 90% for National. Swimmers should attend all scheduled meets on the meet schedule.  Swimmers are expected to complete goal-setting activities and have goal times and splits on hand at practice. Above all swimmers should do everything in their power to maximize their chances for success in the pool.

National Prep Swimmers Should have a Minimum of 3 Blue times and be able to make 8x100 on 1:20

National Swimmers Should have a Minimum of 3 Summer JO times and be able to make 8x100 on 1:15 

Equipment: Each swimmer needs to have a pair of Fins, Paddles, Pull buoy, Snorkel, and a Water Bottle at practice each day.