Riverside Aquatics Association (RAA) Tryouts


We hold ongoing tryouts at the following locations:

  • Riverside - Sippy Woodhead Pool: 2060 University Ave., Riverside CA 92502
  • Loma Linda - LLU Drayson Center: 25040 Stewart St., Loma Linda CA 92350 ( currently not operational due to COVID-19)

In the tryout we will ask your child to swim one lap of each stroke depending on their swimming ability.  This helps us determine their skill level, how ready they are for our swim team and or their swim team group placement. We place swimmers in swim groups based on skill and age. For more detailed information of each group please click on "Groups" tab

Some key skills for our introductory Dolphin group are listed:

  • swim 25 yards of freestyle
  • swim some backstroke (10 - 15 yards)


Please contact the respective Coach for the training site preferred to schedule your tryout:

  • Riverside: Coach Bryan (209) 968-8035 or email