Registration: It is mandatory to show an original birth certificate or passport at the time of registration.  The USA Swimming Registration is the only paper work that needs to be filled out. It needs to be submitted to the RST administrator.  RST registration is completed on line at the  USA Swimming Registration Fee, RST Registration Fee and first month dues will be billed on line at the time of registration.  We do not prorate the monthly dues and all new accounts must be setup on auto-pay via credit or debit card.

Family Multi-Swimmer Discount:  The multi swimmer discount applies only to the monthly dues.  The first swimmer in a family pays full monthly dues. Each additional swimmer receives a $20 discount off the monthly dues.

Scholarship:  RST is proud to offer a limited number of partial scholarships to allow swimmer’s to participate that may not otherwise be able to due to a lack of financial resources.   Students who receive or qualify for Free and Reduced lunch through the school district are welcome to apply. (Proof is required)  Applicants are required to re-apply each swim year at team re-registration time.   Please contact the Team Administrator for additional information.


RST Dues are billed on the first of the month.  Payment is due by the 15th of the month.  A $20 late fee will be assessed on the 21st of the month for all accounts not paid. We do not prorate the monthly dues.

Recurring Late Payments: may result in additional penalties. If your RST account is more than 60 days late, and a payment program is not in place, the account may be suspended and the swimmer removed from the program.  

RST Administrator must be notified 30 days prior to the start of the month if your swimmer(s) will be out of the pool or taking a leave of absence (LOA).  If the team administrator is not notified 30 days prior to the start of the month you are responsible for paying the monthly dues(Notifying the coach is NOT sufficient.) 


Leave of Absences: (i.e. vacation, high school swimming, water polo, other sports, etc): If a swimmer decides to take a leave of absences for a period of less than four (4) months, they will be responsible for paying half dues for the months missed.  If a swimmer returns after a four month absence and/or does not pay half dues for the months missed, they will be considered a NEW swimmer*.

 *As a new swimmer you will be subject to space available and if your training group has a waiting list, you will be placed on the waiting list.  Also you will be required to pay a reactivation fee of $35 and your account must be reconciled with a zero balance before the swimmer is reactivated.

 Medical Leave of Absence:  Dues will be waived for any illness or injury if the swimmer is absent for one or more full calendar months.  (Physician written verification required.)


Fund Raising Policy:  RST hosts an annual Lap-A-Thon.  Each family is obligated to raise or pay a minimum of $150 per swimmer annually.  A swimmer may choose not to participate in the Lap-a-thon but they are still obligated to pay the $150 per swimmer fund raising fee. Families choosing not to raise pledge money will have their accounts billed the $150 per swimmer fee within 30 days of the completion of the lap-a-thon event.

Note: Guidelines for collecting Lap-a-thon pledges for prize recognition – Only pledges collected at the start of the Lap-a-Thon and turned in by the deadline set for the end of each annual swim-a-thon will be counted towards Lap-a-thon prize recognition.  However, “fund raising money” may be turned in any time during the registration season to count towards the $150 per swimmer fund raising obligation.



 “Creating a positive environment where excellence is inevitable” is only possible with the dedicated efforts of all RST families.  Your child is swimming with one of the best teams in Southern California Swimming, and part of that is due to the parent volunteers.  Parental support and involvement is vital to the success of our team.  There is a minimum obligation expected of all RST families. Areas needing volunteer help include the following:

On Deck Volunteering:

Away Meet Easy-up Set up: Help to transport, set up and take down easy-ups for away meets.

Timing Coordinators:  Timing coordinators will be responsible for coordinating all timing chairs at an Away Meet.  All families who have swimmers participating in an away meet (any meet not hosted by RST) are responsible for timing at those meets without exception. 

Away Meet Timing Responsibility:

All families who have swimmers participating in an away meet (any meet not hosted by RST) are responsible for timing at those meets without exception.  Each family is required to time at least 1 session per swim meet.  A session is defined by the length of meet, number of RST swimmers attending the meet, and predicted number of chairs RST is assigned.  In general these shifts are approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour long.  As a team if we do not fill our assigned timing seats at meets we are fined by SCS and it could effect our involvement in future meets

  • For those families who have older swimmers (for example those that may drive), you are still responsible for helping with away timing sessions. It is your responsibility to fulfill your timing obligation either by your swimmer timing or make arrangements with another family.
  • Parents of swimmers in the long distance events (400IM, 400/500 free, 800/1000 free, 1500/1650 free) are responsible for timing and lap counting those events. 
  • Parents of swimmers who participate in Prelim/Finals meets. If your child makes it back to finals, you are expected to help time.
  • At Senior meets or Championship meets where a limited number of swimmers are attending, additional or longer timing sessions may be required.

RST Hosted Meets:  RST typically will host 2-3 meets a year.  The Meet Operation Coordinator will be on deck and/or make phone calls to fill the positions needed to host our meets.  A sign-up sheet will be made available 3 or 4 weeks prior to each meet.  Job descriptions for volunteering at home meets are posted on our website. Home meet volunteering includes snack bar help, as well as the positions required to operate the meet (i.e. meet admin, timers, runners, check-in, announcer, set-up, break down, etc.)

Food items and donations, such as raffle baskets, are needed for RST hosted meets.  Notices are sent out prior to RST hosted meets asking for donations.

Team Apparel Committee:  Help the committee chair with the selling of team appeal on the pool decks

 Maintenance Committee:  Help with small maintenance jobs around the pool decks


Off Deck Volunteering

Volunteers are needed to help organize RST social events and fundraisers.  Current events include the Awards Banquet, Red and Black meet (Dec inter squad meet), and Lap-a-Thon.  Because these events require advance planning, it is important to sign up with the event coordinator well in advance of the actual event.

Lap-A-Thon Committee: help organize the annual swim-a-thon.  The swim-a-thon is our main fund raiser besides to the home meets that RST hosts.

Annual Awards Banquet Committee:  help organize the annual awards banquet that recognizes each RST swimmer.

Team Unity Committee: This committee helps plan the events that “unify” our RST families; fun activities on and off the pool deck. Volunteers are needed to help coordinate the Red and Black meet (Dec inter squad meet), pizza nights, pasta feeds, local restaurant RST Family night/fund raisers, Christmas parade, coaches’ appreciation, etc. 

Publicity Committee: Volunteers are needed to take pictures for the slide show at the Awards Banquet and to help the committee chair write articles and take photographs for the local news papers


Meet Programs/Advertisement & Sponsorship Committee: Put together programs for home meets and help monitor the sponsorships and advertisements that are submitted to the team.  Help keep Sponsorship banners current.  Help copy & distribute meet entry forms to coaches.



Travel Meet Policy: Swimmers who qualify for Junior National, National, World Trial and Olympic Trial meets may have some of their meet expenses subsidized by SCS and USA Swimming.  RST helps cover pre-approved additional costs that are not covered by SCS and USA Swimming.  The following criteria will be applied to RST swimmers qualifying:

Swimmers that have competed for RST for 1 or more years may be reimbursed up to 100%.

Swimmers that have competed for RST for 6 Months may be reimbursed up to 50%.


Parent/Guardian’s responsibilities on and around the pool deck:



Insure that your swimmer is under a coach’s supervision before leaving the pool parking lot.  There are times that practice maybe canceled due to pool closures, high school conflicts, etc.  It is important to make sure your swimmer is safely on the pool deck under a coach’s supervision before you leave the parking lot.




Pick up swimmers promptly at the end of practice. If a swimmer has not been picked up within 15 minutes of the end of  scheduled practice, parents may be charged $30/hour, rounded up to the nearest hour, for the coach’s time spent waiting with the swimmer.




Supervise all non-swimming children in your care at all times while on the pool deck.  Please keep children from climbing on the bleacher and keep them from playing with the on deck showers, and swimming/ pool equipment.



**ABSOLUTELY no recreational wheels are allowed on the pool decks.  This includes skate boards, scooters, roller blades, skates, bicycles, etc.  (This is a school district policy as well as an RST policy.)

 Parents are welcome to watch workouts but must agree to remain in the bleacher and refrain from distracting the coaches or swimmers during workouts.


Team Records Policy and Procedure


When a team record is broken the coach will verify the record and notify the Webmaster via email with the information about the new record.  Records broken throughout the year may be eligible for awards at the end of the swim season.   Swimmers breaking the same record within that swim season may only be eligible for one award per record.


The coach should notify the Webmaster via email with the information about the new record.   The Webmaster will then double verify the accuracy of the record.  Once the team record has been verified the Webmaster will email the Head Coach, and Record Keeper.  The Webmaster will then update the specific record on the team website.