A first swim meet can feel very intimidating but here are a few tips.

1. You can commit to a meet under the events section on the home page. Click "Edit Commitment" and you can add notes, for example if you can only swim one day.

2. After the cutoff, you are responsible for all fees related to meet entry, they cannot be refunded. Fees are usually $4 per event. You can also confirm which events your swimmer is in by clicking on "Edit Commitment" for the meet and the list of events for your swimmers will be displayed.

3. Please check ALL RST emails in the days leading up to the meet as they will have important information about check-in and warm-up times and timing information for parents. Timing is very simple, you click a stopwatch and a button called a pickle and the end of a race. This is a requirement for every swim team and it is broken up into managable time slots for families. Please check in with the head timer via call or text when you arrive so they do not have to find you, locations can be very crowded. If you are not able to time, you are responsible for finding a replacement, please be respectful of our volunteer timing parent and let them know as soon as possible who you have for a replacement.
*Please see the linked video for a brief overview of the timing process. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVFce0ZtaSk  *Don't worry about the part about "soft touch" the meet officials monitor that.

4. Some meets are pre-seeded, meaning your swimmer's heat and lane are already assigned before the event starts. There is no check-in at those meets. Some meets will have a check-in table and heats and lanes will post throughout the day on a large board. You will be notified whether a meet is pre-seeded in the days prior so please, check your email.

5. Your swimmer will be assigned event numbers and a heat and lane assignment for each event. Many swimmers write this on their arm in permanent marker so they know where they need to be. The marker washes off in the pool in a few days. Estimated timelines are sent out the day before the meet. Another reason to keep checking your email.

6. After warm-up the event starts with the National Anthem. Timers in the first time slot should be in their seats ready to time prior to the Anthem playing.

7. Swimmers can find RST coaches under tents at the side of the pool near the USA Swimming Officials. Swimmers should talk to their coach before and after every event. Have your swimmer head to the blocks several heats before their event.

8. Most events have bleachers, but the team also brings RST tents to the events that you can setup camp chairs under. Bring sunscreen, lots of water, and snacks. Most meets have snack bars or food vendors so bring cash if you'd like.

9. Many swimmers experience a disqualification (DQ) from an event, especially when new. The USA Swim Officials will let your swimmer know why they were DQ'd and they can let their coach know. This is an opportunity for improvement, so don't be upset!

Have fun and try to support their effort, it can be a big learning curve but is a fun experience for the kids. Reach out if you have any questions to your swimmers coach in the days prior to the event.