Rocket Fish Dives Into Summer OCSC Meets! What Are They? How Do They Work?

Sharlene Siegel
Jun 17, 2019
  1. OCSC means: Orange County Swim Conference
  2. OCSC History: This is the oldest and most organized summer league conference in this area.  The league was founded in the 1960’s.
  3. Small Meets:  Meets are rather small & great spot for beginners.
  4. OCSC League Fees: It costs $20 per person to join the OCSC swim league.  We feel this is a good deal as the meets are unique & cool.  We will bill the OCSC League fee at the end of the summer.
  5. Meet Fees: Fees will be billed to your membership after each meet.  Meets will be about $35 per swimmer.   
  6. OCSC Meet Schedule: 3 or 4 Meets every two weeks apart: 
  • June 29th - OCSC Invite (includes relays) - Entries due 6/18 
  • July 13th - OCSC Pentathlon (five events per child) - Entries due 7/1
  • August 3rd - OCSC Regional Finals (includes relays) - Entries due 7/18
  • August 6th - OCSC All-Stars for those who qualify at Regionals (relays can qualify too)
  1. Eligibility: In order to swim in OCSC Regional Finals or All-Star Finals, swimmers need to swim in a dual meet (like we had on 6.11.19) OCSC Invite or OCSC Pentathlon.
  2. Relays: OCSC Relay events are two boys and two girls per age group.   Coaches enter the relays on the following basis:  Speed, legal strokes & turns, and gender.  Relays are a really fun part of the OCSC competition.  Normal meets, non-OCSC meets, rarely offer relays, again making OCSC special.  When you enter your child into the OCSC meets you are promoting the chances for our team to do more relays.  We will enter as many relays as possible.  If we have 8 boys and 8 girls per age group we can enter four relays:  A, B, C, D relays.
  3. OCSC Meet Entry Deadlines: Deadlines are strict.  We are advising you to please plan ahead and register for the meets as they come.
  4. Four or Five Star Reviews: If these meets were evaluated by YELP, there would be many four or five star ratings!  These are fun and well run meets which specialize in introducing swimmers to competitive swimming and letting mid-level, semi-experienced swimmers feel like they get it! Everyone can swim freestyle and backstroke and they will get their chances to race these strokes.  Butterfly and breaststroke are harder to learn and race legally but these meets are good for everyone, even parents.
  5. Parent Volunteerism: We will ask you to volunteer at these meets…As a timer, as an age-group organizer, or to bring a team tarp or refreshments.  As an involved volunteer you will have the opportunity to help your child, understand the meets better, and help our team - thanks in advance for your help!
  6. PARTICIPATE! These meets are fun and memorable!  You will watch your swimmer thrive, grow and be challenged in the OCSC league meets!  Don’t miss the deadlines!  Save the dates, sign-up and let’s do this!