FAQ for Rocketfish Parents


1.   Question:  How do we re-register if we are returning "Spring / Summer / Fall" family?  
Answer:  Respond to Lisa's email to Reactivate.  
Write Lisa an email reply and request to be activated  to be signed up for Spring Swimming.  Please cc [email protected] too just so I can see which families are returning.  You are requested to reply fairly quickly to Lisa's email, as each spot is accounted for and we will have a limited number of spots available.  We need to reactivate you or give your spot to a new family.
1a.   Question:  How do NEW swimmers, NEW families join or register for Rocket Fish Swimming?
Answer:  Once we re-activate our returning swimmers we will open it up for the public. 
We will often have only have a few spots per each group and cohort once our families from the previous year's Spring / Summer / Fall.   We value and appreciate our public demand however we cannot overfill our classes.  We are on the verge of this as is.  Thank you for understanding our space is limited.  
2.   Question: If my kiddo swim's in the Spring, is he/she automatically enrolled into summer morning practices?
Answer:  Yes.  If you know that you are going to drop out for summer - you can let us know in May.
3.  Question:  What time are morning summer practices? Duration / Dates / Etc.
Answer:  Click here and/or see below tentative schedule
  • A's    6:45 to 8:20 - off to Jr. Guards or Summer Camp
  • B's 7:50 to 8:20 dry / 8:20 to 9:15 wet
  • C's 9:45 to 9:15 dry / 9:15 to 9:55 wet 
In June we take a one week break called Graduation Week / Pre-Summer Break its from 6/12 to 6/15. We start EPIC Summer 2023 on 6/19 and finish at OCSC All-Star Finals on Tuesday 8/1/23.  Our last swim practice at Belmont will be the 7th Week of Summer on Thursday, July 27th.
4.  Question:  Can my B level swimmer swim in an earlier class this summer then their B group:
Answer: If they are at a solid B2 or B1 strong participation level we offer a small practices for B level swimmers who need an earlier class. This is called Early Bird B's.   We don't not allow C level swimmers in the early morning practice.
5.  Question:  What's my start up costs with the team?  
Answer: Click here
Please drive 10 minutes to visit The Swim Guy (our team vendor) on Viking Way near LBCC.
Also, RFSH Spirit Wear:  Team clothing at swim meets mandatory.  Coach Hank's request for meets - Cold Weather - RFSH Gold Hoody / RFSH Black Long Legs Sweat Pant.  Warmer Weather - RFSH T-Shirt plus black shorts of your choice.  Optional and cool team gear:  RFSH baseball cap or visor.  Team Backpack by Arena!  Team Parka - get them one or two sizes up - an optional and very warm item.  Keep your eyes out for more team offerings!
6.  Question: What swim meets are right for my child:
Answer: OCSC swim meets are highly recommended for swimmers who can do side breather freestyle, touch the wall on their back backstroke and are avidly learning.  More advanced swimmer we have in each meet makes it even more fun.  We all started racing at one time.  Beginners are encouraged.  This is a great place to start doing meets.  OCSC meets only enhance the experience of the swimmers.  Click here for upcoming meets and events.
7.   Question: How to sign up for OCSC Meets and Team Norms of Participation: 
Answer: Swim families who want to compete need to be responsive to Emails, RSVP's (both negative or positive) and be prepared to be accountable and team-oriented, and fall in-line with our Rocket Fish helpful and character first "TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAMWORK" vibes throughout the swim meet process.  Please put all the OCSC meets on your calendar.  At least one practice meet and for sure the three "real meets".   Click here for upcoming meets and events.
We prefer to have the strongest, deepest team possible.  Your participation matters.  Family trips are great.  Let's maintain a curious and a TEAM awareness about making your family plans and vacations fall in line with allowing your child to feel what its like to have continuity, camraderie and commitment in small, friendly competitions.  We practice, we cheer, we race, we work together and we all learn and get better, together.