Junior Waterman Summer Beach Camp

Overview: Our Junior Waterman program is a summer afternoon day camp focused on safe-fun skill development. Your child will learn necessary ocean skills and will stay active on the beach, bay, the ocean, wading, swimming, paddling, doing run-swim-runs, body surfing, boogie boarding, and, yes, even sand-castle building! Our activities always include an education on beach and ocean safety (riptides, surf, creatures, etc.) while having fun. This program will condition your child for a junior lifeguard program and assist in building comfort and confidence in all sorts of salt-water environments.

Locations: We meet at different beaches during our camp so that campers can play in and understand the unique conditions and characteristics of each beach. We typically meet in Long Beach near Granada Street, Alamitos Bay at 68th Street or Bayshore, Naples, Seal Beach Pier, and end the season with a trip to El Moro Cove in Laguna Beach.

Super Staff: Campers spend time with highly qualified seasoned water-people that come from a variety of skilled aquatics backgrounds. Many of our staff participated with Rocket Fish and our Jr. Waterman Camp as kids, so they intimately know our two goals:

  1. Character First
  2. Aquatic Development

Additionally, our staff live locally, swim on local teams, surf the local spots and enjoy the beach and bay with friends and family. Our stuff are great student-athletes who are attentive, experienced, and thoughtful about every interaction they have with our campers, our parents and their fellow staffers.


2023 Camp Dates and Calendar

Camp Details: Three afternoons of camp per session
Time: 1:20pm to 4:00pm. Kids may arrive with parents from 1:10pm to 1:20pm.
Location: First day of every session meet at Granada Street Launch Ramp / Granada and Ocean Blvd.
Ages: Younger, ages 6-8; older, ages 9-13

Sessions: Camps are structured in one week sessions per below

  • Session I:    June 19, 20, 21 (M/T/W) Register
  • Session II:  June 26, 27, 28 (M/T/W) Register
  • Session III: July 10, 11, 12 (M/T/W) Register
  • Session IV:  July 17, 19, 20 (M/W/Th) Register

There is a parent meeting on the first day of each session to meet the coaches, receive the itneraries, and go over safety. Plan on staying for an extra 1/2 hour when you drop off on your first day. Bring a hat and glasses parents as its SUNNY at the beach. Have your kids do the same!

How to Register

Registration is now OPEN for returning and new families! If the links above don't work for you, please go to www.swimfocus.org and scroll down on the homepage to the "Events" and click from there!

Pricing and Fees

  • Any 1 Session: $140
  • Sibling Discount: $20 (must be registered in the same registration session for discount to be applied)
  • USA Swimming: $20 Flex or $46 Seasonal done directly with USA Swimming but wait for us to send you the link!

Uniform for Jr. Waterman Camp:  What Seven Items to Bring Each Day

  1. Hat 
  2. Sunglasses 
  3. Sunblock 
  4. Sandals 
  5. Rashguard or T-shirt 
  6. Bathing suit on the body
  7. $2 for snacks

On certain days, campers can bring their wetsuits, boogie boards, fins or soft surfboards. If you don’t have this type of gear, not to worry, we have plenty to share.  At our parents' meeting on Day One of each session, you can see which days will have an option on which water gear. Backpacks are optional and can be nice for a water bottle and towel. Backpacks preferably are kept light.

Jr. Waterman Sample Weekly Itinerary

Meet at Granada Street Launch Ramp
Bayside run-swim-run
Swim-and-run relays and lifeguard conditioning
Jumping off swim dock at Bayshore
Open-water swimming tips and acclimation
Walk back to Granada & Ocean for snack at local market
Meet parents at Granada Street Launch Ramp for pickup.

Meet at Bayside on the Peninsula
Run relays of all sorts to get nice and warm
Teach fundamental paddle boarding skills for prone and knee paddling
Practice on a variety of boards paddling around staff, short races, prone and on knees
Brief bit of free time on the beach for sandcastles, swimming, paddling with staff supervision
Visit a local market on the peninsula for a snack
Meet up with parents at same place as drop off

Meet at Seal Beach - bring wetsuit, boogie boards and fins!
Review head and neck safety and identify ocean conditions (riptides, other people ,etc.)
Introduction to boogie board skills - balance points, riding, dodging, duck dives, ditching board…
Practice long rides to the beach and paddling back out to instructors
Pack a small snack and water, light backpack
Beach games such as frisbee, flags, relays, etc., or sandcastles, or on perfect days stay in the water
Meet up with parents at same place as drop off