C - Learn-to-Swim for entry level and beginning swimmers

Minimum Age: 5 years old

  1. Love swimming and frolicking in the water and have never been on a swim team before.
  2. Have had private or recreational swim lessons and are looking to improve their swimming skills within a team atmosphere.
  3. Want to learn team values and prepare for the team experience
  4. Are interested in learning the other strokes – backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.
  5. Need to be safer in the water and be stronger swimmers in all aquatic environments.
  6. Are looking for a well-rounded aquatics education that includes not just swimming, but knowledge of safety and hazards in the beach and ocean environment.
  7. Looking for an entry-level and/or summer seasonal program with compassionate teachers who care.


Enjoys the water, has had private or rec-program swim lessons to the point that freestyle and backstroke are familiar to them. At a minimum, students need to be able to float on their own for five seconds, kick with straight legs, and be water safe. Rocket Fish should not be their first exposure to swimming, water safety or "big arms." Emotionally and socially, these students should be confident being on their own with an instructor and can listen and take group instruction effectively.

Swim Emphasis

Learn-to-Swim C Group is designed for the entry level swimmer. Before joining our team, this swimmer may have had some lessons, is comfortable in the water and enjoys being in the water. The Novice C2 Group will work toward the basics of body position, flutter kick, “big arms,” side breathers, and will put it all together into a beginning full-stroke freestyle. The Advanced C1 Group will work toward swimming a swift and steady lap of both freestyle (with side breathers) and backstroke (touch on back). C1 Group practices all the aspects of freestyle and backstroke for the first four weeks of the season and then moves into an introduction of fly and breaststroke as the season progresses. We teach the same skills to the novice and advanced C groupers, and progressively they learn, excel and swim farther, better, and faster. C Group prepares for competition as they start to advance toward B Group. C Group swimmers are eligible for swim meets with mastery of age-appropriate C Level skills.

B2 - Stroke Development Group

Age Range: 7–9

  1. Are looking to build on all four strokes, refine technique, build endurance and learn race techniques and elements (turns, starts, etc.), develop mental competitive skills and prepare for swim meets
  2. Are looking for seasoned coaches to motivate and teach in a positive and supportive team environment
  3. Are preparing to pass the Long Beach or Seal Beach Junior Lifeguard time trial in order to qualify for the Long Beach or Seal Beach Junior Lifeguard summer program
  4. Are looking for an aquatics education that includes not just swimming, but knowledge of safety and hazards in the beach and ocean environment


  • 50m of freestyle with an effort at side-breathers
  • 25m of backstroke

Swim Emphasis

Stroke Development Group swimmers have learned the basics of all four strokes and are ready to perfect their skills. There is a stronger emphasis on endurance and developing speed through building strong, efficient technique. “B” group develops and refines all areas of freestyle including proper body position, flutter kick, underwater arm stroke (the pull), above water arm motion (the recovery), the side breather (correct head position on rotation & integrated timing of the breath), full stroke, easy freestyle, speed freestyle and flip turns. “B” Group practices the backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly as well as continuing to practice the freestyle. Works on competitive skills, both mentally and physically. “B” Group joins our “A” Group for dry-land exercises (see “A” group) that focus on building strength, speed and agility for comprehensive fitness.

B1 - Jr. Competitive Team

Age Range: 8–10

  1. Are looking to continue refinement of strokes, build aerobic and anaerobic systems, refine overall swimming technique and elements (turns, starts, dives, etc.)
  2. Are interested in swimming as a sport
  3. Are looking to compete in meets, develop competitive skills and build confidence in racing and competition in a healthy, positive-reinforcement atmosphere
  4. Are preparing for advancement to the Competitive Team, A Group


  • 100m of freestyle in under 2:00
  • 50m of each stroke
  • intent to participate in meets

Swim Emphasis

The Jr. Competitive Group is generally older, stronger and more experienced preparing to move up to the Competitive A Group. Due to their experience and practice, they know and practice the four strokes and turns (legally) and can practice without as much rest and stroke instruction (steady paced workout). The B1 swimmers are a novice competitive group and all swimmers in this group will race in swim meets.

A - Competitive Team

Age Range: 10+

  1. Are looking to refine stroke technique, build overall endurance and strength through aerobic, anaerobic and dryland training
  2. Are looking to hone racing skills, techniques and elements (turns, starts, dives, etc.), compete in swim meets, and prepare for or complement competitive high school or collegiate swimming
  3. Are looking to set goals, plan for achievement of goals, stay committed to the plan and improve overall as a person, a student and an athlete
  4. Are committed to swim as a sport with the goal of competitive swimming for high school, college and beyond
  5. Are looking for seasoned and goal-oriented coaches to motivate, coach and create a personalized program to meet competitive goals
  6. Are preparing for a life-long aquatic lifestyle that may include life-guarding, ocean and open-water competition, collegiate swimming, swim careers, etc.


  • 100m of freestyle in under 1:50
  • 50m of legal swimming in butterfly, backstroke, and breaststroke

Swim Emphasis

Our Competitive Team A Group is designed for the swimmer who is preparing for a life-long aquatic lifestyle. This may include swimming competitively in high school or college, life-guarding, open-water swimming or general fitness. Swim emphasis is on more challenging sets building both the aerobic and anaerobic systems. Swimmers will work on refining their strokes for speed, efficiency and power. Freestyle emphasis will build endurance and challenge aerobic capacity and anaerobic thresholds. Swimmers refine their racing components such as flip turns, starts, dives and pacing. Swimmers will learn and improve on the building blocks of training and will challenge themselves to be dedicated and motivated student-athletes. They will participate in events such as USA Swimming meets-both short-course and long-course, team and dual meets. Swimmers will continue to build and emphasize character-first concepts in personal, school, and athletic lives. Comp. Team A-Group training includes comprehensive fitness not just through swimming but through dry-land exercises which include calisthenics, strength training, plyometrics, stretching, and yoga. Minimum participation in Comp Team A Group is three times per week with a recommendation of four practices per week. This will help them to build a strong aerobic base which is crucial at this age and stage in the development of a swimmer. Ages 10+ commensurate with ability, and upon tryout.



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