Who are the Rocket Fish?

Most of our Rocket Fish families are from Long Beach and the surrounding areas. They bring their children to learn and improve with us with common aquatic needs.

The "5 S's"

Our mission is to joyfully provide character development and life skills while promoting a love for learning and the sport of swimming. Our coaches practice and teach our motto of "Live the 5-S's of Balanced Excellence" to our swimmers and their families. In order to be an "All-Star," a balanced, happy and thriving person, we encourage our Rocket Fish to put their best efforts into School, Sports, Spirit, Social and Self. To achieve balanced excellence, we teach respect, teamwork, diligence, and gratitude with a welcoming attitude and authenticity.

We know that in Southern California, particularly in Long Beach, "the Aquatic Capital of America", learning to swim and play water sports is a necessary part of life. Our approach is to meet this need not with just learning the strokes, but with a complete package. The Rocket Fish program develops character, confidence and team-spirit, right along with our fun and structured approach to learning to swim. We know that early childhood experiences build lasting memories and have profound effects on future behaviors. With this in mind, our practices, special events and swim meets feature safe fun, good sportsmanship, making incremental improvements, and keeping it positive before, during and after the activity.

Teaching Style

The first step in teaching is caring for the safety and overall condition of the students. Once our students feel our coaches' warmth and experience, they begin to make personal connections which lead to feelings of safety and trust in their teacher. We strive to establish this connection of trust early and build skills from there. Character development comes in many forms; most importantly through the modeled behavior of our coaches and their teaching methods. Our coaches mentor through workshops, stories, and a synergy of teamwork. Our staff, many former swimmers who grew up in our program, have been trained in our teaching methods, our philosophy, stroke progressions, and are always briefed before and after our activities.

Measuring Success vs. Comparison to Others

Our students represent a variety of ages, swim experiences, and skills. We break our groups into similar age, maturity and abilities. Our goal is for each swimmer to improve their technique, speed and endurance every day. Our swimmers also learn racing techniques. Regardless of speed, swimmers are treated equally, and we view the process of racing as a learning opportunity to evaluate strengths and areas for improvement. We measure success in terms of contributions to a positive learning environment, listening and learning to be a leader, putting out best efforts, and making both incremental and vast improvements in their own swimming. By working on individual goals, not comparing themselves to others, swimmers achieve greater success.

Swim Meets

For our A & B Groups, we build our seasons to highlight our peak meets of the year. Swim meets are scheduled approximately once a month. Meets are open to all swimmers interested and are encouraged. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate skills learned in practice, learn healthy competition, and learn what we can improve.

Peak meets such as Junior Olympics, OCSC Finals, and SCS Club Championships are important to our team. It gives our team a sense of purpose as we begin each season. We are practicing in order to swim well, qualify and shine at these meets. The "how" we practice and how we handle ourselves is our character development emphasis. It takes this dual focus to be the best person, and the best student-athlete, graceful competitor, family member, teammate and friend we can be.

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Aloha Spirit and Team Work

We welcome every family, returning or new, with joy and open-arms! We want to share our love for the aquatic lifestyle and expose students to a world of wonder both in the pool and at the beach. Long Beach offers a plethora of activities and opportunities to learn about living the life aquatic and we try to take full advantage of this beautiful area.

At the start of each year or summer season we spend time having the swimmers, coaches, and parents come together and get acquainted. We host special events that are always family friendly and a great way to spend relaxing time with fellow Rocket Fish families, coaches, and old and new friends. Rocket Fish families understand the importance of family support and teamwork in building character. At practices, meets, or special events, our teamwork and team-fun is accomplished with smiles, helpfulness and coordination, and with thoughtfulness and follow through–all in "Aloha" style!

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