Due to COVID-19, Rocket Fish swim and Jr. Waterman programs have been cancelled for the summer. Please check back for fall 2020 updates.

Summer Season swimming is for those who want to swim only during the summer months, all ages included. Current swimmers who are year-round or billed monthly do not need to sign up for summer swimming. For more details, see our main registration page here.

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Rocket Fish Summer Swim 2019

Annual Dates: Tuesday, June 18, to second Thursday, August 8 (8 weeks total)
Location: Belmont Plaza Outdoor Pool
Ages: 5+
Days, Times & Calendar: See Calendar/Billing/Schedule

Activities: Character development, swim stroke development, endurance, speed, swim meets, special family events and lots of team spirit! 

  • A Group (advanced)
  • B Group (intermediate)
  • C Group (beginners)

Summer Swim Pricing Structure (updated Nov 2019)

Monthly billing pro-rated: Summer Season flows easily into our standard pricing structure. For summer-only swimmers we pro-rate the monthly tuition as follows: 1/2 June, July and 1/2 August = two months total.

Sibling discounts are applied at check-out during online registration. Be sure to register all kiddos in same registration session to receive discount.

Three Fees:  Monthly Tuition, Yearly Family Fee, USA Swim Fee

1) Monthly Practice Tuition: A’s - $155 / B’s - $135 / C’s - $120
2) Rocket Fish Family Registration Fee: $50 per family for summer only (June-Aug)
3) USA Swimming Registration:

  • Flex = new swimmers, two swim meets max per year ($20)
  • Seasonal = competitive and swiming spring & summer ($38)
  • Year Round ($70) = competitive and swimming most or all of the year ($70)

Summer Swim Program


Our summer program is extra special. Practices happen in the morning. During the coolest part of the day, kids, staff and parents have fresh energy, and we see exponential improvements in their swimming. In addition to our seasoned head coaches, we bring in our talented summer staff comprised of returning collegiates, high-schoolers and twenty-somethings who have previously been in our program for multiple years and have strong aquatic backgrounds in swimming, water polo and/or life-guarding.

Consistency over time = Improvements. Swimming a minimum of 3x/week for more advanced swimmers and minimum of 2x/week for novice swimmers provides the optimum swim-improvement and character-development experience. Practice-by-practice, week-by-week, our spirited and purposeful practice format becomes familiar. This feeling of familiarity leads to increased confidence in the water and establishes good swimming habits. This is when learning really accelerates and flows.  Your child could swim between 20 and 30 practices this summer! Just think of the potential for character development and swim development - in the pool, on the deck, on the beach and in the bay!

Morning practices: Often our swim practices are just the first part of an active summer day for our swimmers. Since we finish rather early each day, families can treat the swim practice as “just the way we start our day” and then go on to the next fun summer activity. Swimmers who attend almost all practices will improve the most. They will know the aspects of being a Rocket Fish, connect with the staff, establish a flow with their swimming, and be the most “in-tune,” competent and confident they can be in the water and on land.

Click here for more information about the Rocket Fish environment.

Special Events

In addition to our regular practices, our Rocket Fish Summer Program is full of fun special events. 

  1. Swim Meets – See above.
  2. Ocean / Bay Workout – 2 or 3 per seasonIt’s a chance for the kids to get a feeling for swimming, paddling, training, racing and playing on the the beach and in the bay. When living in this area, salt water, cooler temps, and paddling are all things we must learn! We keep all activities safe-fun, positive and at the level of the kids. It’s all a part of learning to live the aquatic lifestyle! Exact dates will be on our summer calendar.
  3. Summer Luau / Banquet and Talent Show – At the Kayak Café, Bayshore and Ocean, near the handball courts. Tasty Hawaiian plate dinner served by Alfredo and staff. Then it's skit/talent time! Plan your talent act or skit now. ... It's sooo much fun! Dance party at the end of the talent show. Each family will have a very memorable experience.
  4. End of Summer Beach Day, El Moro Cove, Crystal Cove State Park in Laguna – During the second week of August on Wednesday, the day before our last summer swim practice, we go down to Laguna Beach, El Moro Cove, from 11:00am to 3:00pm. It's a BYO picnic day, a team and family day at the beach! It’s just sooooo pretty down there! Enjoy a day of bodysurfing, swimming, and hanging with teammates, coaches and friends! As our EPIC summer winds down, we celebrate, swim and play at this beautiful beach with clear water, waves, and our friends and families.  

OCSC Meets and Fees

Our team is proud participating member of the Orange County Swim Conference.  There are four meets lined up within our eight-week program.  Summer swim meet fees are per billed per each swimmer and per each meet.  Meets are generally about $25 per swimmer, and there is a $25 per swimmer fee to join the OCSC league.

Swim meets are optional and encouraged for families who are supportive of their swimmer who can swim a strong lap or two. These are spirited, team-oriented, hands-on, events which require planning, coordination, coaches, supplies and parent volunteerism. Fees will be billed to your account upon participation. Sign-ups for each meet are done at least two weeks prior.  Swim meets are great learning experiences for our swimmers and their families.  Swimmers who participate in the meets often return to practice with added focus on improvement, team camaraderie, and joy in the process of growing into becoming a stronger and more experienced swimmer.

The four annually scheduled OCSC swim meet dates are as follows:

OCSC Invitational:  Last Saturday in June - 6/29/19
OCSC Pentathlon:  Second Saturday in July - 7/13/19
OCSC Regional Finals:  First or Second Saturday in August - 8/3/19
OCSC All-Star Finals:  First or Second Tuesday in August - 8/6/19

Is my swimmer ready for swim meets? If your swimmer is a novice who knows their side-breathers on freestyle and can swim a lap of decent non-stop backstroke, we recommend jumping in and trying OCSC. We put most novice swimmers in the freestyle and backstroke races. Additionally if your swimmer is a returning Rocket Fisher that has swum one year with us, then your swimmer is probably ready for the meets. If your swimmer is age 7-8 or above and likes to compete in sports in general and likes to “go for it” in other sports, and can swim 25-50 yards, then they are ready for the swim meets. The meets are fun, give the swimmer something to challenge themselves, and are team events with lots of learning, team spirit and good times.

Quality program with quality relationships: We are interested in having good relationships with our swim families, and we do our best to operate fairly, friendly, and with a degree of flexibility. Our team is more than a simple swim program. We build an aquatics community and an aquatic lifestyle with quality, family-oriented people. Some families stay with us for five to 10, even 20 years and become lifetime friends. Since it is a two-way relationship we ask the same of our swim families towards our billing department, our team communications person, and our coaching staff. Thank you in advance for keeping the stress levels down, respect levels up and thoughtfully working through questions or issues. If you have a question, please email [email protected]


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