Rocket Fish Swimming Registration


Welcome to the SWIM Long Beach/Rocket Fish Electronic Registration platform! Once registered, you'll have access to your own private account that will enable you easily view your account status, declare for swim meets, sign-up for volunteer jobs, see your children's swim times histories, maintain your own contact information, and more. We depend on correct and complete information, so please, take your time and do it well.

Registration Schedule

  • A-Group (Comp Group) and B-Group (Stroke Development and Jr. Comp) are year-round swim groups that are billed monthly and can be joined anytime if there is space available. Plan on scheduling a try-out to see which group is appropriate for your swimmer.

  • C-Group (Learn to Swim) is billed monthly starting in March and continuing through October.  C group swims from March through October (C Group does not swim Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb).  START: C Group practices start in March (after the Daylight Savings Time changes to longer days). FINISH: C Group practices finish at the end October, as Day Light Saving Time changes back to shorter days. You may start your C grouper on any of these months however we prefer in March/April (spring), mid-June (summer) or September (fall).

  • Monthly Rocket Fish billing: Once placed in the A, B or C group you will be be billed monthly.    


Rocket Fish offers a multi-athlete sibling discount (7%-15%, depending on number of athletes). After entering information for child #1, either scroll back to the top of that same page to select child #2, or click "Add Member" to add an additional sibling. All children must be registered within the same registration session in order to receive the discount.

USA Swimming Membership

To swim with Rocket Fish, you will need a current USA Swimming membership. There are a three different levels of USA memberships and all new registrants will be processed as "FLEX": 

  • FLEX membership is a less expensive membership and allows for the swimmer to attend two (2) swim meets. After attending two meets we can easily upgrade to the Year-Round membership, so feel free and be encouraged to attend swim meets.

  • YEAR-ROUND membership is renewable each year starting in September and is valid until December 31st of the following year (15 Months).  Our year-round swimmers in the A and B group will be signed up for this membership in September, unless they have specifically asked to remain in the Flex membership.

  • SEASONAL membership is only available/valid April through August 31 and allows unlimited meets within this time frame at the Southern California Swimming level. This level may make sense for returning swimmers who participate in swim meets.

If your swimmer already has a current USA membership, you will have a chance to specify that, you will be billed $10 to cover the "Club Transfer Fee". You will also need to complete the Club Transfer Form.


Q: How do I suspend my child's Rocket Fish membership? 
A: If you wish to suspend your membership, so you are not billed for the next month, please email the head coach and our billing admin around the 20th of the month PRIOR to the month in which you would like to suspend your membership. Your swimmer's USA Swimming membership is non-refundable but will remain valid until it's expiration.

Q: How do I reactivate my child's membership?
A: When your swimmer is ready to return to Rocket Fish, please contact the head coach and our billing admin 
to reactivate your account.

Q: Do you offer Junior Guards (JG) Prep?
A:  Yes, preparing for JG Prep has been combined within our B Group. Your swimmer can join our swim program for the months leading up to time-tests or summer Junior Guards.