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The SJE Swim Team (SJEST) was founded in 1971 and has since been managed by parish parents and professional coaches. It has 90 to 120 swimmers (84 to 95 families) with a girls-to-boys ratio of 50-50. 

The Board: Currently, the Board of Directors consists of eight members: a manager, a Treasurer, a Coaching Staff Representative, and four Committee Leaders (Events, apparel, Awards(2)).   

The Coaching staff: consists of 3 paid professionals, 4 Volunteer Coaches, 4 Associate Coaches, and 2 Junior Coaches. The associate and Junior programs provide team swimmers with a path to coaching, help students meet community hours requirements, and improve our swimmers' training.  

The League:  The SJE Swim Team has been a member of the San Fernando Valley Catholic Swim League (SFVCSL) for the last 41 years. It counts with about 18 Teams that meet to compete four times each season. We usually host the last MEET (The Finals or Championship).

Rancho San Antonio: A special relationship has existed between the SJE parish and the Rancho San Antonio, dating back to the first days of the parish in the San Fernando Valley. A shared interest is that both organizations are committed to youth development. Curiously, the first SJE Mass took place at the Rancho facility. For many years now, we have rented the Rancho pool for our weekly practices.