Become a New Member

How to become a new SJE Swim Team Member.   
 - Visit us in June and register your swimmers for a tryout.

Who can be a member of the swim team.
 -  Any swimmer between 5 and 14 years old,
 -  Able to swim  40 yards using any stroke, 
 -  Is attending the SJE School OR is registered with the Parish

The fees for one season 
-  See Memberships and Fees below

Season length
-  Our season begins in mid August and ends the first or second week of November.  

St. John Eudes Swim Team Profile

Our purpose is to provide every swimmer an opportunity to improve their swimming skills and achieve success at their level of ability, learn to compete, and have fun.

  • The SJE Swim Team has an average of 115 Parish and School swimmers registered for the season.
  • The season is usually from mid-August to the first weeks of November.  
  • Percentage of girls/boys is near 50/50 
  • Our coaching staff consist of Professional Instructors, Parent Volunteers, and Junior coaches. 
  • The Board of Directors members are volunteer parents; any parent may volunteer. 

Membership and Fees

  •  Membership is secured with the Season Registration, which may start as early as June. 
  • There is only a one-time fee per swimmer for the whole season.
  •  The fee for 2020 for one Swimmer will be aproximately $140. 
  •  The second swimmer pays a discounted fee; the third swimmer is free.
  • 14 year-old swimmers do not pay a registration fee. 


  • A unique feature of the team is the scholarship program. Based on the number of membership years (seasons), the swimmers receive from $50 to $500 when they reach age 13.  

Training and Competition

  • We compete in the San Fernando Valley Catholic Swim League - SFVCSL 
  • The league holds 4 MEETS from August to November, and has a membership of 18 teams.
  • We hold practices 5 days a week from mid-August to early-November.
  • We do not practice on Fridays but do on Saturday mornings. 
  • Practices are held at the Rancho San Antonio indoors swimming facilities in Chatsworth.  The pool dimensions are 20 yards long by 4 lanes.

Requirements - To become a member of the team, swimmers must be:

  • Members of the St. John Eudes parish and/or the school. Families  may register online with the SJE Parish.
  • Between 5 and 14 years of age.
  • Not afraid of the water.
  • Able to swim 40 yards using any stroke.
  • Able to follow instructions.

For information about the 2020 season, visit our site on or about June 2020.

Contact us at


          We have competed in the San Fernando Valley Catholic Swim League (SFVCSL)

for 41 Years

Visit us in June 2020 for our swim season information and registration