SwimNation Aquatics SNAP! 

Competitive Swimming, Water Polo, AND Water Safety Programs! 


SwimNation Aquatics (SNAP!) is a competitive USA Water Polo team offering high quality professional coaching and technique instruction for players 5-18 years old. Our team is graciously hosted at the Portola High School Aquatics Center. We are a member of the Southern Pacific Zone, and compete with other USA Water Polo teams in our area 

We look forward to having you join SwimNation Aquatics Programs - SNAP! WATER POLO and we're excited to start working with you!

Registration for our team is open all year around. If you are interested in finding out more about our team, or wish to schedule a "try-out" please send Email to [email protected]

Your registration will not be complete until it is accepted by our team Registrar and our coaching staff. Competitive water polo is not a Lean-to-Swim program, and your athlete will need to possess some basic swimming ability, for your own safety and enjoyment. If your athlete does not yet possess the basic skills needed for competitive water polo, we will refer you to our Learn-to-Swim program to help get you ready! 

Unless you are transferring from another USA Water Polo Team, we normally recommend that new team members meet with our coaching staff for a quick evaluation. Team evaluations are FREE, and give new players a chance to meet our coaches, and try our program out. AT A MINIMUM, your athletes must be able to swim TWO lengths of a 25-yard pool without assistance, (Splashball players should be able to swim ONE length of a 25-yard pool), and be comfortable swimming in water that is 7' deep. We welcome swimmers of all abilities, and we would look forward to working with you!

If you would like to schedule an evaluation, or just talk to one of our coaches, please CONTACT US by sending us an email (click the link), or you can give us a call at 949-278-1656.

Cross-over Athletes

Swimnation Aquatics Programs offers a Cross-Over Athlete program, where athletes who are intertested, can paticipate in BOTH our Competitive Swimming AND Water Polo programs. Please talk to one of our coaches if you think your athlete might want to Cross-Over to another aquatic program.