About Spare Time Aquatics:

Spare Time Aquatics is a year-round member of USA Swimming. We provide an environment that encourages success for all swimmers. We are proud to offer a program that serves novice to International level swimmers.

Spare Time Aquatics Team Philosophy:

The team philosophy is encompassed in the words DEDICATION, PREPARATION, DETERMINATION, and SAFETY. STAS is committed to providing a safe environment for all participants. To do so we have athlete protection policies and guidelines in place. Please refer to the Safe Sport tab for more information.

DEDICATION, PREPARATION and DETERMINATION is the motivation that the coaching staff, swimmers and parents embrace to find success. Swimmers are treated as individuals and develop their own goals in their pursuit of excellence. This includes setting practice and meet goals. The parents have developed a support system for all of the swimmers so that each swimmer and family can benefit from the team.

The coaching staff believes that practice is more than swimming laps. Each practice is designed to teach the swimmers more about their mind, body, stroke and speed. Swimmers are encouraged to help each other to improve themselves and develop self-esteem, good sportsmanship and team unity during swimming practice and at meets. Each coach is open to communication with swimmers and parents so that each person understands the goals and direction of the swimmer and team.

Spare Time Aquatics believes that DEDICATION, PREPARATION and DETERMINATION in swimming will help prepare the individual for the challenges they will face in life.

Our age-group swimmers focus on "Technique, Technique, Technique" (Matt Biondi). With our focus on technique we believe that as a child progresses through our program we will develop technically sound swimmers. When children then move from age-group to senior swimming they will be better prepared for the increase in training intensity.
Our senior program develops physically fit athletes so that they can build upon the technical expertise learned in the age-group program. Training in the water is a balance between distance, middle distance and sprint. Swimmers learn advanced racing strategy that exploits the energy systems used during each race.
Our dryland program focuses on injury prevention and whole body fitness. Once swimmers adapt to the dryland program they have fewer injuries and they have faster starts, turns, pull downs, and underwater kicking. All of which are essential for long term success in swimming.

Creating an Environment for Success

In order to achieve our team goals during the season and at the end of the season, we will strive to create an environment that encourages success for every individual. To achieve success there are a few standards that all coaches, swimmers, parents and volunteers must reach:

  • Respect: Each coach, swimmer, parent and volunteer will be treated with respect. During intense training and competition, occasions may arise where there are disagreements. No team ever agrees unanimously on everything, how we treat each other on a daily basis will help us if a disagreement arises.
  • Positive Attitudes: Each coach, swimmer, parent and volunteer will strive to communicate in word and action, in a positive manner. Swimmers will be instructed in a positive manner that will foster growth in their swimming knowledge and skills. Communication with everyone involved in our program will be done in a positive manner.
  • Pride: Coaches, swimmers, parents and volunteers will demonstrate their pride in our program by working together to achieve our team goals.
  • Responsibility: Coaches, swimmers, parents and volunteers will demonstrate personal responsibility by abiding by club, LSC, USA Swimming, and team rules. As a team we will assist each other in maintaining a solid program with a full squad by adhering to the rules that govern our sport.
  • Knowledge: Coaches, swimmers, parents and volunteers will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge of swimming. With a greater knowledge base each swimmer will be able to maximize their ability and assist the team in reaching its goals.
  • Safety: Each coach swimmer, parent, and volunteer will demonstrate their commitment to safety by abiding by the team's Code of Conduct and Safe Sport Policies. 

Characteristics of an Effective Workout

  • High expectations: Expect athletes to achieve high levels of competence and you will receive greater output from them.
  • Task-Oriented: Sets have a purpose and there is little wasted time.
  • Ability to keep swimmers on task: Swimmers are actively participating in workouts. Minimal amount of time spent on wall, sitting out sets.
  • Minimum time devoted to management of swimmers: Team rules and practice expectations are well known and adhered to by all swimmers.
  • Strong administrative support and leadership: Strong support from club administration with assistance in upholding club, LSC and USA Swimming policies.
  • Involved and supportive parents: Parent volunteers for meets, special events and sponsors.
  • Quiet, safe, pleasant practice environment: Practice is setup in an environment that is conducive to learning and growing in swimming.

Parent Association:

Spare Time Aquatics is fortunate to have the Spare Time Aquatics Parent Association supporting our team. The purpose of the parent association is to provide support by running meets, hosting events such as team awards, ice cream socials, Saturday training breakfast and raising funds for team travel and all activities.

All general members are welcome at each parent association meeting and are encouraged to be involved in team activities and fund raisers.

We are looking forward to meeting you.
Please feel free to email our Head Coach Andrew Savine any questions you may have.