Spare Time Aquatics

Anti-Bullying Code of Conduct


What Is The Definition of Bullying?

A lot of young people have a good idea of what bullying is because they see it every day! Bullying happens when someone hurts or scares another person on purpose and the person being bullied has a hard time defending himself or herself. Usually, bullying happens over and over.

  • Punching, shoving, and other acts that hurt people physically
  • Spreading bad rumors about people
  • Keeping certain people out of a "group"
  • Teasing people in a mean way
  • Getting certain people to "gang up" on others

Bullying also can happen online or electronically. Cyberbullying is when children or teens bully each other using the internet, mobile phones or other internet technology. This can include:

  • Sending mean text, email, or instant messages
  • Posting nasty pictures or messages about others in blogs or on Web sites
  • Using someone else's user name to spread rumors or lies about a third person

What is the Anti-Bullying Code of Conduct and the rules of the Team regarding Bullying?

  • We will not bully others
  • If we know that somebody is being bullied, we will tell a coach and an adult at home. 

What are the consequences of violating the Anti-Bullying Code of Conduct?

  • Discipline associated with violation of the Anti-Bullying Code of Conduct will be administered by the Coach and the STAS Swim Team administration as appropriate to the severity of the violation.
  • If a team member is in violation of the Anti-Bullying Code of Conduct he/she will receive a strike consequence:


-For the first incident, the team member will receive a verbal warning and parent/guardian contact will be made.

-For the second incident, the team member will receive a verbal warning; parent/guardian contact will be made and the team member will be suspended from the team for one week.

-For the third incident, the team member will be removed from the team no refund