About Speed

Mission Statement
Our mission is to introduce (beginners) and prepare (intermediate to advanced) swimmers for competition while stressing technique and positive sportsmanship.  We believe every swimmer deserves the opportunity to excel.  We believe that swimming can teach life lessons.  

We believe that swimming is a journey that requires time, patience, motivation and discipline.  Longevity, stroke technique, and preparation for competition is our main focus.  We strive for individual excellence in the pool and out.  We want our swimmers to become great ambassadors for the sport of swimming through hard work, goal setting, and positive sportsmanship.

Resident Team
We are a resident based team, running programs at The Great Park Neighborhoods, Eastwood Village, Cypres Village  and Woodbury.  These locations are for residents of those communities.  If you are not part of these communities we have an open location at Portola High School (for select groups).