Billing is done on a monthly schedule.  On the first of every month your account will be charged.  Any fees you have incurred throughout the month will be charged, for example, monthly dues, meet fees, cap purchase, private lessons, etc...

All accounts will have a credit card on file and use auto-pay.  This will automatically deduct from your credit card and you will be current with no chance of late fees.  Please monitor your account.  If you can not do auto-pay we will also accept cash or checks (to SPEED AQUATICS).  Please note that there is a $40 late fee if you have not submitted payment by the 15th of the month.  

REGISTRATION FEE - Speed Aquatics annual registration fee is at $130.  USA Swimming membership is $70 and is included in your annual registration fee.  Each athlete will receive a latex Speed practice cap, and team sticker as well.

MEET FEES - Vary but it is usually a $10 surcharge per swimmer and $4 per event.  Meet fees will be posted to your account.  

APPAREL- We want all of our swimmers/parents to represent the team and get the minimum gear per group.  Parents are urged to also show support for the team!  All of the apparel can be found on the CAS WEBSITE STORE.  Orders usually take a 2 weeks.

COVID-19 -  In the case of a state mandated quarantine or shutdown, Speed Aquatics will issue prorated credits upon our return and you will hold your spot.  We will not be offering refunds.


Speed (I) (II) (III) 1 day per week - $45/per month

Speed (I) (II) (III) 2 days per week - $85/per month

Speed (I) (II) (III) 3 day per week - $125/per month

Speed (I) (II) (III) 4 (5th free) days per week - $155/per month
Speed IV - 3 days per week - $135 or Full access $165
Speed V   - $175/per month Full access only