Speed Aquatics is based on a month-to-month membership.  Once you are registered you remain automatically registered from one month to the next until the end of August.  During that time, if you find that you want to leave the club it is up to you to notify the club of your intended departure.  Once notified Speed will suspend your membership effective the 1st day of the next month.  From that point forward your club membership will be categorized as “suspended” and you will receive e-mails from the club but you will not be invoiced or billed any further.



Swimmers will be allowed to deactivate or as we say, "freeze", their accounts with a $25 administration fee.  In order to freeze or make changes to your account we will need to be notified prior to the 1st of the month.  If we are notified on the 1st or after you will not be refunded for that month and will need to wait for the next month.  To freeze your account email us at [email protected]

If it is not sent to this email your account will not be frozen.



Speed Aquatics will NOT prorate for days missed or weeks missed.  If you need to freeze your account please let us know prior to the next billing cycle via email.  At that point we can freeze your account (see above).  



If you are permanently leaving the club please follow the steps below:


1.  Download and complete our MEMBERSHIP TERMINATION FORM and either e-mail it to the club ([email protected]) or send it to our address (on the form).

2.  Please follow up on your form to be sure it has been received and processed.

3.  You must notify the club by the 15th of the month prior to the month you plan to leave.



Swimmers who have left the club for any reason with the exception of joining another USA Swimming Club in Southern California Swimming, may return at any time providing there are openings in their former group. Swimmers who are attempting to return to the club after leaving to join another USA Swimming Club should read our DETACHMENT FROM THE CLUB policy before attempting to return.



Dues will be payable thru the end of the last month the swimmer participated regardless of the number of days actually swum in that month.  There will be no prorating. The month of return will be payable in full regardless of the number of days the swimmer is in the water that month. There will be no prorating. 



In the case of a state mandated quarantine or shutdown, Speed Aquatics WILL issue prorated credits upon our return and you will hold your spot.  We will not be offering refunds.