Practice Attire                                                                                                                                              

All swimmers must wear goggles

Swimmers who have hair long enough to get in their eyes when they swim must wear a SPEED AQUATICS TEAM SWIM CAP.  

All swimmers should have a competitive style swimsuit – jammers or racers for boys, one-piece with no ties for girls.

Meet Attire                                                                                                                                              
All swimmers MUST wear TEAM CAP, SUIT, T-SHIRT (minimum).   Your racing suit needs to be TIGHT! 
Competition Uniform:
Saturday: Black Team T-shirt
Sunday:   White Team T-shirt
Apparel Requirements
​All members are required to have:
White Team T-shirt
Black Team T-shirt
Team Cap
Team Suit
Team Bag (Recommended)
Team Parka (Recommended)
Warm ups or Sweats (Recommended)