• How do I join Surfside? Contact Surfside Membership at [email protected] for tryout information and to place your swimmer(s) on the tryout waitlist.

  • How much are dues?  As of July 2021, dues are $300 per quarter with discounts for multi-swimmer families.  Your highest ranked swimmer will pay full dues.  Sibling discounts as follows:  25% discount for the first sibling, 33% for the second, 50% for the third and every sibling thereafter.

  • What are registration fees?  One time initial administration fee of $125, Plus Annual event fees of $129.00 per member and $200 per account. The annual event fees are collected upon initial registration and on November 1st of each year for the following year.

  • How can I talk to the coach? Coaches are happy to talk to you after swimming, or you can set up a time by sending us a email (See below or in the Coaches information above) or sending a note with your swimmer. Please never go over and talk to the coach during the swimming session.

  • Contact information? Email the specific person responsible for that area.  See Contacts under the Team Info Tab.

  • How often should I workout? Work out three to five times every week. 

  • Do I need a Kick Board? The A-B-C Squads all Use Kick boards for most practices. The Seniors do not use kick boards.

  • Do I need Fins? Yes, please purchase Short swimmer fins rather than boogie board fins. Swimmer’s fins are specifically designed to work the legs. These can be purchased online or you can also buy them at The Swim Guy (see below).

  • Where can I buy a team parka (long blue fleece-lined team coat)? Order from The Swim Guy, either online at https://surfside.theswimguy.com/team-gear.html or in person at 15900 Inglewood Ave, Lawndale, CA 90260, 310-793-9150.  Store Hours:  Sat/Sun 11am - 5pm,  Mon through Friday 11am - 6pm.  Sizing kits are available in the store.  Parkas are custom made and take 4 to 6 weeks from order to delivery so plan ahead.  Orders can take longer during the cold months so allow for extra time. 

  • Team suits, caps, jackets, sweatshirts, PJ pants, beanies, etc?  All uniform items can be obtained from The Swim Guy, either online at https://surfside.theswimguy.com/team-gear.html or in person at 15900 Inglewood Ave, Lawndale, CA 90260, 310-793-9150.  Store Hours:  Sat/Sun 11am - 5pm,  Mon through Friday 11am - 6pm.

  • Do I need Goggles? Yes all swimmers need a good pair of goggles. New swimmers will need to try several kind to find the ones that work best for them.

  • What kind of swim suit should I have? Everyone should have a team suit for meets.  Team suits should not be worn for workouts as they will stretch out, fade, and look shabby.  A stretched out suit is not a fast suit.  Team suits and workout suits can be purchased from the Swim Guy in Redondo Beach (see info above).  Workout suits should consist of a competitive style 1-piece for girls and jammers or Speedos for the boys.

  • Who do I notify if I need to miss Swimming?  Notify your coach when you are leaving for a week or more or are missing a meet due to illness but for one or two workouts, it is not necessary.

  • How do I sign up for Meets?
     Login to the website
    2) Click on 'Events' tab (on tool bar above)

    3) Click on the 'Attend this event' button next to the event you want to attend

    4) Click on your swimmers name
    5) Click the box(es) on the left you want to swim
    6) Click the 'Save' button (bottom right) 

  • Does the Pool have showers? The pool has locker rooms and showers for swimmers. We ask that swimmers do not leave things in the locker rooms during practice. We also ask that you remember that the locker rooms and showers are for swimmers only.

  • Are parents allowed to coach during workout? We cannot stress enough to parents to please not coach your child at practice or at meets. Teaching is the responsibility of the coaching staff.

  • What if I need to take my swimmer out of the water early from practice? Please send a note with your swimmer to give to the coach before practice begins so we can make sure they get out on time and they are leaving the pool with the proper person.

  • What is SCAA? Southern California Aquatic Association, is the League that Surfside participates in. We have a Summer and Winter Championship meet; Summer in August and Winter in February.  In order to qualify to swim in the "Champs" you have to have swam in at least 2 dual meets and a total of 5 events. If you have questions let us know.

  • How do I check my Volunteer Service Hours? To check your volunteer service hours at any time:
    1. Click on $ My invoice/Payment (on the left column)

    2. Click on Service Hours tab  you can see your service hours with details, plus account balance.