• $10/hr credit for every hour donated.

  • This credit will be applied to the member’s dues for the subsequent quarter.  For example, if a member donates 3 hours in the first quarter, their second quarter dues is reduced by $30.

  • Members are free to donate as many hours as they wish.


An email will alert you to available Volunteer Jobs.

1) Click on 'Events' (on tool bar above)

2) Click on 'Job Signup' button

3) Follow the signup steps:

Step 1: Locate available shift shown as "---------".
Step 2: Click on the checkbox in front of the available shift*.
Step 3: Select [Signup] button to signup for the selected shift(s).
Step 4: At the event sign in and complete the job.

*If your Account name is printed right after the checkbox, you've signed up for that job.
Use the 'Remove Signup' button to remove the signup if you no longer want to work on that job.



  • Time: Time races with stopwatch provided. Record time on clipboard provided.

  • Run: 'Run' race forms to and from timers and officials table

  • Post: Post meet schedules as printed from officials tables to wall.

  • Announce: Operates the Public Address System, announces events, heats, results

  • Set up: Before event set up.

  • Clean up: After event clear up.

  • Party Organize: Individually, or in a group plan, budget for, and host a Surfside party at a rented location.

  • Buy: Purchase item and deliver to location, submit receipt for reimbursement.

  • Serve: At party stand behind the buffet tables and assist with food serving.

  • Lane Lines Set Up: Set up lane lines before practice or meet. Training provided..

  • Sign-In: Bring a sign up sheet to the meet (provided by email) At the event volunteers sign in. After the meet email the information to volunteer coordinator to enter.

  • Assist at Tryouts: Assist Membership Coordinators with various jobs at tryouts as needed.



1 Click on MY ACCOUNT (On the left) and then click 'My Invoice/Payment'
2 Click on the Service Hours tab

Please feel free to email any questions you may have about volunteering.

Paula Skorin

Surfside Volunteer Coordinator