There are 4 ypes of athlete memberships available:
1) Full - Premium  This is a full annual membership allowing unrestricted number of meets for the year.
2) Full - Flex  This is an introductory membership that allows swimmers to be on teams and compete in up to two swim meets before they need to upgrade to a full membership. Swimmers must upgrade prior to a third meet. This was previously offered to all ages and is now restricted to 12&U's.
3) Full - Season 1  This membership is offered Apr-Aug only; and allows unlimited local meets during that time (no meets zones and above)
4) Outreach - This is membership created by USA swimming to allow families with lower income levels (see attached information) to register with USA swimming at a reduced rate. This is a full membership with all of the priveleges of a full premium membership, without the full cost.

Registration with USA swimming.

Swimmers can now register with USA swimming. There are three steps to this process:

1) Create a USA Swimming Ping account - see attachment titled "1st - SI Creating..."
2) Decide which of the 4 available registrations are for you and your swimmer - see attachment
3) Register your athlete(s) - Use these links and See attachment that says "2nd registering for"

Use this CAST-SPECIFIC  link for Full Membership registration ( #1-2-3 above)

USE this CAST-SPECIFIC link for Outreach Membership registration (#4 above)

If you have any issues setting this up, please let me know. As I have mentioned earlier, this registration system is brand new and they are fixing and tweaking things on it daily. If your membership is already valid through December 31st, and you want to wait a while and let USA swimming work out more of the bugs prior to you re-registering for 2023, you are welcome to wait a few weeks.

Finally - since this is new to USA swimming, they are constantly refreshing with updates. You may encounter some issues when going through the process. if you get  and error 404 page not available, try again in 15 minutes.