All information below is for the 2023 summer program.

Summer Flyer


 Kroc center pool (6845 University Ave)--- May 11th or 12th -- 6:00 PM  for the 3 week head-start on the summer. Begins May 15th.

 Kroc center pool (6845 University Ave) --- June 1st or 2nd -- 6:00 PM for the Summer team. Begins June 5th.

Swimmers must be able to swim a 50 yard freestyle in under 1:20 and a 50 yard backstroke in under 1:30


Practices at Kroc center vary depending on group placement.


Meets . There will be 3 summer league meets this year for those placed in the Novice or AG groups.  Meets are usually less than 3 hours. Specific meet information will be available by May 20th.

Higher level swimmers (example: those who have already competed in high school meets) will have an opportunity to swim in "regular" USA swimming competitions*.

The best method to contact us: Click here

A team application will be handed to you once your swimmer passes the tryout.

The cost for swimmers who are not already part of the team:

May 15th - Aug. 4th.  --- $240  for those placed in the Novice or AG groups; $290 for those placed in higher levels.

June 5 - Aug 4th    --- $200 for those placed in Novice or AG groups; $250 for those placed in higher levels.



Payments:  You are expected to pay after your tryout prior to your first practice. We accept checks, cash and Venmo. More information will be available at the tryout.


Frequently asked questions:

Q?:  Do we have to make all of the practices? 

A: No, most swimmers will miss some practices. Swimming is mostly an individual sport. We don't pressure you to be at
practice every day, the more your child attends, the more they will get out of swimming. if they
miss a few   it is nor a big deal. As a courtesy, notify the coach in advance if you know you are going
to miss a few in a row.

Q?: Once we're on the team can we come to the pool during Kroc center recreational swim hours to practice?

A:  NO . CAST (College Area Swim Team) is not a program run by the Kroc center. We rent pool
time from the kroc center to run our team.  Being on the team entitles you to practice with the
team during your designated practice time only.  Swimmers and family members who wish to use Kroc facilities outside of the designated practices, must join the Kroc center or pay a daily use fee.

Q?: What If I can't make it to a meet?

A: Notify your coach prior to the deadline (2 days before the meet for the first 3 meets, and 10 days prior
to the deadline for the final "championship" meet.

Q?: If I want to continue swimming for a while after the end of the summer program (Aug. 4th)? What do I do?

A: We will invite all to continue swimming with our team toward the end of the summer program. If you are
interested in continuing for a while,  you will have to pay a reduced  amount for the month of August, and then be
placed on our monthly billing beginning in September. It's really simple.

Q?: We are already on the year-round team, how do we participate in the summer league meets?

A: If you coach deems it appropriate for you to be in the summer league meets, just pay the $25 Summer league fee.
(we will be e-mailing this information to you in June).