To develop the character traits, technical skills, and strong desire for maximun realization of each individual's potential.  Each swimmer has the potential to succeed.  As coaches, it is our job to ensure that the values set forth by this premise, and, in conjunction with the team's philosophy, are instilled into each and every member regardless of age or ability.   Athletes are all different. Some athletes are taller and stronger than others. Regardless, all athletes have the same opportunity for success. On this team, athletes are not compared to one another; they are compared to themselves. The most successful are not the fastest, but those who strive to improve themselves. 


Head Coach / Executive Director - Devon Ames

Coach Devon was first hired to be the Head Coach of the Swim Team of Placentia in 1994 and has continued his dedication to the swimmers of STOP ever since.  In addition to coaching the advanced workout groups, Coach Devon serves as the Executive Director of all team operations, policies, procedures, and staffing.  Coach Devon's extensive experience comes from competing on the UC Riverside swim and water polo team all 4 years of college.  After graduating from UC Riverside with a degree in Psychology, Coach Devon went on to get his Multiple Subject Teaching Credential.  His achievements include being named USA Swimming's National Development Coach of Year for 2001 and Olympic Committee Development Coach of Year in 2002.  Coach Devon has developed many National level swimmers and has coached for National Select Camps.





   Coach Stephanie 

Coach Stephanie has 9 years of experience as a swimmer, and over 5 years experience as a coach.  She currently directs the Developmental Program, teaching our youngest swimmers from inside the water.  








 Coach Anna 

Coach Anna was a STOP swimmer for 6 years.  She continued on to Azusa Pacific University, where she swam for 4 years.  Anna works alongside the younger competitive and high school aged swimmers.  She has been coaching at STOP for the past 5 years.






  Coach Jenna 

Coach Jenna was a STOP swimmer for 4 years.  She returned during and after high school to continue coaching, and has been for the past 4 years.  She is studying at Grand Canyon University, and intends to pursue a career in Special Education.  







 Coach Brooke

Coach Brooke was a STOP swimmer for 10 years.  She returned shortly after high school to continue coaching, and has been for the past 4 years.  Brooke works closely with the younger swimmers of all levels.  






 Coach Katie

Coach Katie was a STOP swimmer for 10 years before playing tennis at Esparanza High School.  She helps coach the developmental groups and younger swimmers.