STOP Notes: Sunday, April 21st

Devon Ames
Apr 21, 2019
Practice This Week:
Monday:  Normal
Tuesday:  Normal
Wednesday:  Normal
Thursday:  Normal
Friday:  Normal
Saturday:   Weekend Practice
Practice Time Change starting Friday
New Practice Times will be will start on F riday, April 26th.  These new times will remain through August.
Most groups will be from 20 - 40 minutes earlier.  Please look for the email by  Wednesday.
SCS Swim Meets
- Dolphin Aquatics (San Juan Capistrano) Red / White Meet - May 4-5.  Entries due 8:00 pm,  TOMORROW
- MVN (Mission Viejo) Blue Long Course Meet - May 17-19.  Entries due 8:00 pm, Monday, May 6th
- FAST (Fullerton) Red /Blue Long Course Meet - May 31-June 2.  Entries due 8:00 pm, Monday, May 20th
- SET (Lake Forest)    Blue Long Course Meet - July 5 - 7.  Entries due 8:00 pm, Monday, June 24th
Difference Between SCS and OCSC Swim Meets
SCS (Southern California Swimming) meets are invitationals that are held on the weekends.  These meets run all year long.
At this time of the year, our more experienced swimmers participate in these meets (listed above).  However, all of our swimmers, especially our newer swimmers, will participate in our summer OCSC league meets (listed below).  More information about OCSC will come out soon, but I wanted to give you the schedule for summer planning.
Orange County Swim Conference Meet Schedule
    - Practice Meet #1:  Thursday, June 6th - Blue / Red Inter-squad Meet 
    - Practice Meet #2:  Thursday, June 20th - STOP @ Brea Glenbrook
    - OCSC Invitational:  Saturday, June 29th
    - Practice Meet # 3:  Tuesday, July 2nd - Tustin Dolphins, Rays, & STOP
    - OCSC Pentathlon:  Saturday, July 13th
    - Practice Meet #4:  Wednesday, July 17th - Swordfish, Rays, & STOP
    - OCSC Division Finals:  Saturday, August 3rd
    - OCSC Championships:  Tuesday, August 6th
May Billing Summary
On Thursday, the 25th, I will send out your billing summary for May.  As a reminder, the summary indicated how much you are expected to owe one May 1st.