STOP Notes: Sunday, May 19th

Devon Ames
May 19, 2019
Practice This Week:
Monday:  Practice
Tuesday:  Practice 
Wednesday:  Practice
Thursday: Practice
Friday: Practice
Saturday Morning:  Weekend Practice for All Groups
No Practice on Memorial Day.
SCS Swim Meets
- FAST (Fullerton) Red /Blue Long Course Meet - May 31-June 2.  Entries due  TOMORROW
- SCS June Invite (Ventura) - June 13-16.  Meet Form Not Available Yet.  Swimmer must qualify to participate.
- SET (Lake Forest)    Blue Long Course Meet - July 5 - 7.  Entries due 8:00 pm, Monday, June 24th
- SCS Junior Olympics @ Fullerton - July 25-28.  Meet Form is not available yet
OCSC Summary
The OCSC Summary I sent out last week is posted on the For Members Page of the website.  I strongly encourage all swimmers to participate.  As you recall, we won the Championship last year which was very exciting for all the swimmer involved.
Orange County Swim Conference Meet Schedule
    - Practice Meet #1:  Thursday, June 6th - Blue / Red Inter-squad Meet.  Deadline to Sign up is Sunday, June 2nd
      At this meet, all participating STOP swimmers will be divided into two teams (Blue Team and Red Team).  This meet is just for STOP and RAYS swimmers.
    - Practice Meet #2:  Thursday, June 20th - Swordfish, RAYS & STOP.  Deadline is Sunday, June 16th
    - OCSC Invitational:  Saturday, June 29th.  Deadline is Sunday, June 16th
    - Practice Meet # 3:  Tuesday, July 2nd - Tustin Dolphins, Rays, & STOP.  Deadline is Sunday, June 30th
    - OCSC Pentathlon:  Saturday, July 13th.  Deadline is Sunday, June 30th
    - Practice Meet #4:  Tuesday, July 16th - STOP @ Brea Glenbrook.  Deadline is Sunday, July 14th
    - OCSC Division Finals:  Saturday, August 3rd.  Deadline is Sunday, July 21st
    - OCSC Championships:  Tuesday, August 6th.  Swimmers must qualify to participate
Orange County Swim Conference Registration
Clarification:  Swimmers may register for OCSC at anytime.  However, they may not participate in an OCSC event until they register.  Registration costs $30 for the entire season and allows swimmers to participate in all the Practice Meets, OCSC Finals / Champs.  Registration Fee will be added to your account and collected on the June 1st Billing.  The OCSC Invite and Pentathlon have additional fees to participate.
Should I do OCSC if I never swam in a meet before?
YES.  OCSC practice meets are specifically designed to introduce new swimmers to participating in competitions, in a fun, stress fee environment.  All of our advance swimmers started their swimming careers by participating in OCSC.  Practice Meets will be held at Valencia High School during our normal practice time.  Instead of practice, we will be holding a practice meet.  Swimmers not participating will not have practice on those days. Practice meets will start at 5:00 and run no longer than 2 hours, with most swimmers having 2-4 events.
To Participate in OCSC . .
- Log onto your account, select OCSC REGISTRATION, under the events section, and "Commit" your swimmers.
Then, follow the same process for each of the meets you want to participate in.  Swimmers do not have to do all the meets.  Each meet has its own due date which is always on a Sunday.