STOP Notes: Sunday, June 23rd

Devon Ames
Jun 23, 2019

Practice This Week:
Monday:  Practice
Tuesday:  Practice
Wednesday:  Practice
Thursday:  Practice
Friday:  Practice
Saturday:  No Practice - OCSC Invitational

Orange County Swim Conference Meet Schedule
Families are reminded that you must sign up for each meet you want to participate in
- OCSC Invitational:  Saturday, June 29th - Meet information will be sent out by Tuesday
        At this meet, there will be swimmers from 8 other teams participating.  The meet will follow the OCSC format (events 1-80).  However,
        because of the size of the meet, it will run about 4 hours long.  Swimmers will find out their events on Tuesday.
- Practice Meet # 3:  Tuesday, July 2nd - Tustin Dolphins, Rays, & STOP.  Deadline is Sunday, June 30th  
- OCSC Pentathlon:  Saturday, July 13th.  Deadline is Sunday, June 30th
- Practice Meet #4:  Tuesday, July 16th - STOP @ Brea Glenbrook.  Deadline is Sunday, July 14th  
- OCSC Division Finals:  Saturday, August 3rd.  Deadline is Sunday, July 21st  
- OCSC Championships:  Tuesday, August 6th.  Swimmers must qualify to participate 

OCSC Practice Meets are simply practice meets to help swimmers get prepared for official (Sanctioned) meets.  Practice Meets run through events 1-80.  Meets will have 1-3 other teams participating.  This meets are included in your $30 registration fee.
OCSC Invitational is a official (Sanctioned) meet.  Swimmers not doing the strokes correctly will be Disqualified.  Times achieved are official and can be used to enter future SCS meets.  Each swimmer must pay an additional $15 to participate.
OCSC Pentathlon is an official meet.  In this meet, swimmers must participate in all 4 strokes and the 100 IM.  They receive a total score based on their performance, then are ranked within their age group with medals going to the top 8 swimmers.  Swimmers must pay an additional $25 to participate.  This meet is for swimmers with a little more swimmer experience.
OCSC Division Finals:  This meets is part of your OCSC registration fee.  Swimmers compete to try and earn a spot in the OCSC Championships on the following Tuesday.  All swimmers should plan on participating in OCSC Regional Finals.  All swimmers that participate receive a trophy at the OCSC pool party.
OCSC Championships.  Swimmers do not sign up for this meet.  Swimmers are selected based on their performance at Finals.  The goal here is to qualify as many swimmers as possible to help STOP try and win the OCSC Championship.  STOP won last year.

OCSC Meets Sign UP
All meets require to you to sign up to participate.  If you sign up for an OCSC meet, and do not show up, it causes a lot of problems at the meet.  Please, only sign up for meets you are going to attend.  If something comes up, and you are not going to make it, please email me with as much notice as possible.

SCS Swim Meets
- SET (Lake Forest)    Blue Long Course Meet - July 5 - 7.  Entries due 8:00 pm, Monday, June 24th  
- ORCA JO Max (Fullerton College). For All Levels below JO's - July 19-21.  Entries due Monday, July 8th
- SCS Junior Olympics @ Fullerton - July 25-28.  Entries due Monday, July 15th

STOP Billing Summary
The billing summary for July will be sent out on Tuesday Evening.  As a reminder, the billing summary indicates how much you are expected to owe on July 1st (which includes July Dues).  If you have questions about your balance, please log onto your account and view your charges before emailing me.  If you plan on changing your status, please email me before the 1st.

Emails to Coach Devon
Families, I openly accept all emails to help answer questions and communicate what happens on the team.  However, when you email me, please include your swimmer's name as this will help reduce the time it takes me to know who you are referring to when you say "my son" or "my daughter".

Team Pictures - Monday, July 29th
OCSC Pool Party - Wednesday, August 7th