Every swimmer who walks onto the pool deck, regardless of their age, athletic ability, or competitiveness, is encouraged to join STOP. Our team is for all swimmers ranging from those who are learning to swim for the first time, to the competitive swimmers who desire to compete at a National level.  We have groups for ages between 4 - 18.  Although STOP is a competitive team, we understand that not all swimmers have the desire to be competitive.  All swimmers are placed into workout groups based on their age, ability, and competitive level.  Workout groups range from 30 minutes for our younger swimmers, up to 2.5 hours for our older competitive swimmers.



Our Developmental Swim Program is specifically designed to meet the needs of our young swimmers who have the desire to be in the water, have the ability to move in the water, but lack the technical swimming skills.  In this program, swimmers work in groups with instructors in the water.  Swimmers do not need to know how to swim the specific strokes to participate.  This program has a more intensive and progressive approach than your traditional swim lessons with the goal to develop the swimmer's skills so that they are able to make the transition to swim team groups.

The minimum ability to join changes throughout the year.  Swimmers must be "water safe".  That is, swimmers must be able to move themselves independently through the water as follows:

6 & Unders:  5 yards

7-8 year Olds:  10 yards

Swimmers 9 & Up may also join but will need to demonstrate that they can swim the following distances independently.

9-10 year Olds:  25 yards

11 & Up:  50 yards

Practices are generally held Monday - Friday.

Although swimmers are assigned a specific practice time and group based on ability, swimmers have the flexibility to attend the days they want to attend.