Silicon Valley Aquatics

Pre-competitive- $135/month

Prerequisite: 25 yards of freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke. 30 seconds treading water.

Designed for swimmers ages 10 and under. Goals include: Improve head positioning and body posture while swimming. Develop comfort in the water and underwater. Improve breaststroke and flutter kicking mechanics. Learn dolphin kick, 1 arm butterfly drills, and eventually butterfly. Learn open turns. Swim freestyle and backstroke comfortably. Understand lane etiquette.

Bronze- $145/month

Prerequisite: 100 IM all legal

Swimmers ages 7-10 who comfortably swim freestyle and backstroke, and have an understanding of breaststroke and butterfly. Teaching competitive swimming techniques is heavily emphasized. This includes: streamlining, proper body positions, sculling drills to enhance fine motor skills, starts, turns, and finishes. Drills are used to refine each of the four strokes. Swimmers are introduced to age-appropriate training and swim sets. Training games are used within the weekly training cycle as an incentive for hard work, for team building, and also for fun.

Silver- $145/month

Prerequisite: More than 1 USA Swimming or Pacific Swimming "B" time

Experienced swimmers ages 8-11 who have mastered the basics of all four competitive strokes, and are able to do a flip turn and racing dives. Practices are designed to improve overall efficiency in technique, endurance, speed, and race strategies. Challenges and other structured events encourage and teach team spirit, good sportsmanship, and teamwork. Competitions are required.

Gold- $155/month

Prerequisite: More than 1 USA Swimming "A" time

Experienced swimmers ages 9-12 who have shown a commitment to swimming as a competitive sport, and understand practice attendance and practice performance contribute directly to competitive success. Stroke technique and cycle training prepare this group for local, regional and state-wide competition. Swimmers compete at required meets with the goal of achieving “Far Westerns” through “Sectional” Time Standards. Group emphasis is on the setting and achievement of athlete's individual goals. This group is designed with the intention of providing the curriculum and atmosphere necessary to foster the transition from Age-Group Swimming to Senior Level Swimming.

Platinum- $155/month

Prerequisite: 200 IM all legal

Ages 12+. Newer members to year round swimming or are committed to other activities in addition to swimming. Workouts are designed to challenge swimmers in both technique and training, with an emphasis placed on aerobic and sprint training. Participation is required at SVA Hosted Meets, Zone 1S Championships, SBSL Championships, and at least 3 additional meets during the season. Swimmers who show the desire, work ethic, and talent level necessary for one of our upper groups will be considered for promotions to our Gold or Diamond Groups.

Diamond- $165/month

Prerequisite: More than one BB time

Ages 13+. This group is designed for the multi-sport high school swimmer who is preparing to excel in high school swimming and at local USA swim meets. High School Swimming is becoming increasingly faster, and the swimmers that take advantage of off-season practices are better prepared to succeed in the spring. Training emphasis is on technique, aerobic development, and race preparation. Swimmers are instructed in each of the four competitive strokes, and starts, turns and finishes, in a positive, friendly atmosphere, emphasizing drills, technique, and speed sets… the key to the success of high school swimmers.

Challenger- $165/month

Ages 13+. This group is designed for committed, skilled and experienced, “Jr. Olympic level” swimmers, ages 13 and up. By the time swimmers reach the Challenger level, they should have developed a basic understanding of the attributes required for peak performance. Challenger swimmers are required to commit to 80% (minimum) of all practices. A systematic, progressive, seasonal training plan helps to prepare swimmers in this group for local and regional competitions.