Many swim meets require that you meet certain SCS time standards.  The following link will help you determine what time standards your swimmer has achieved: Southern California Swimming Time Standards

TCC is assigned to the Eastern Committee of Southern California Swimming. Check this link for Eastern or Southern California meet results: Southern California Swimming Meet Results

Starting January 2022, "BRW (Blue, Red, White)" language will no longer be used. Meets will now use USA National Age Group Motivational Time Standards. Instead of BRW you will now see labels like "A", "AA", "BB", etc. To read the official announcement, see the Time Standard Transition Plan.

Timing chair assignments: Good news!!  You will now have the ability to sign up for timing chair assignments prior to each swim meet on your Team Unify account. Participants in the upcoming swim meet will receive an email with available timing chair assignment hours. You will be able to select which hour works best for you.  First come, first serve. Timing slots that don't fill, prior to the swim meet, will then need to be filled on the day of the meet.  Remember, there is no cell phone use while timing.