New USA Swimming App Now Available!

Christian Watts


The new USA Swimming app is now available! The app is available to download on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Click here to download from the Apple App Store 
Click here to download from the Google Play Store

The new USA Swimming app has an exciting list of new features, including:  
  •  Integration with USA Swimming's Online Member Registration (OMR) 
  •  Access to your new USA Swimming account dashboard 
  •  Easy access to all USA Swimming membership cards
  •  Updated Find a Team search tool 
  •  Access to event ticketing and live streams  
Starting Thursday, September 22, the USA Swimming app will be the only mobile application available from USA Swimming. Deck Pass and Deck Pass Plus will no longer be supported. 

The USA Swimming app does not support Deck Pass login credentials. To access USA Swimming member experiences on the app, all users will be required to create or sign in to their new USA Swimming account. If you have already created a new USA Swimming account during Online Member Registration, or on the USA Swimming website, please use those sign in credentials to access your account on the app. If you have not created a new USA Swimming account, please follow the instructions below to create your account.  

USA Swimming Account Creation 

Users can create a new USA Swimming account by clicking  here, accessing the account creation page by clicking "Login/Register" at the top of the  USA Swimming website, or clicking the red "Login/Register" button on the USA Swimming app home screen.  

Start the account creation process by clicking the "Create a login" button. Based on your current USA Swimming membership status, please follow the appropriate steps below to create your new USA Swimming account:

Account Creation for Existing USA Swimming Members (e.g.: athletes, officials, non-athlete members) 

Even existing members need to create a new account to access their new member dashboard.  During account creation, existing USA Swimming members must link to their NEW USA Swimming ID.

You will enter and link to your new USA Swimming ID when you create your new account. Once you have entered and linked your new USA Swimming ID, all historical registration data will be automatically transferred and synced to your new account. This includes items such as times, certifications, Athlete Protection Training (APT) status, Background Check status and account permissions.

Members can request and receive their new USA Swimming ID by following these steps: 
  1. Select “Existing Member” when creating your new account. 
  2. Request your new USA Swimming ID be emailed to you. 
    • This action will send your new USA Swimming ID to the email on file in USA Swimming’s old member database.
    • The email currently on file, that will receive the new ID, may be different than the email entered/used during your new account creation – please check all your email addresses, junk folders, etc.
    • The email on file, that will receive the new ID, may be missing, incorrect or outdated. If you do not receive the email with your new ID, it is likely that your email address is incorrect in the old database. Users that do not receive their new USA Swimming ID via email should proceed to the third step.
  3. If you do not receive an email with your new USA Swimming ID, please reach out to your Club. Your Club Admin has access to search in SWIMS, where they can find and share your new USA Swimming ID. 
    • Once you receive your ID from your club, you can proceed with your account creation.
Existing members should not proceed with account creation until they have entered their new USA Swimming ID. Proceeding without linking to your new ID will create an account without any record of membership requirements, certifications, times, etc. and you will not have access to your USA Swimming membership dashboard. 

Click here for a video tutorial of the account creation process for existing USA Swimming members.

Account Creation for Users Without an Existing USA Swimming ID (e.g. parents)

Parents or other users who do not currently have a USA Swimming ID number can create a new account. To do so, please follow the  steps shown in this video tutorial.

Note: Parents can now create a parent account and link to their children’s membership accounts. The Parent account will not have a USA Swimming membership ID linked to the account but can still link to athlete memberships using the “My Family” feature on their dashboard.