Timing Chair Assignments

To a great extent, swim meet efficiency depends on parent involvement, especially when it comes to timing.  All teams are required to provide parent timers at each swim meet.  Timing assignments are based on the number of swimmers signed up for that meet.  It is the host team's responsibility to assign the number of timing chairs to each swim team.  The number of chairs can be different for each session.  For example, on Saturday, during the AM session, TCC may be assigned 2 timing chairs and in the PM session assigned 4 chairs. It is our hope and expectation that all TCC parents will enthusiastically participate in this TEAM responsibility.

If you are completely new to timing, don't be afraid to ask a fellow TCC parent to help you.  Timing is a straightforward job. Each lane has 3 timing chairs.  Sometimes all 3 chairs are assigned to the same team and sometimes they are shared with another team.  You will have one of three jobs:  a "pickle," a clipboard or a stopwatch.  No cell phones can be used while timing. It is important that we set a good example for our young swimmers so please volunteer and do your part in TEAM timing at away meets.